Friday, November 10, 2006

Edgings, Icicles and Flowers

Sorry for the sporadic posting. Things have been a little hectic here.

Sharon has posted a motif turned into a doily as part of the design primer.

Snowy has posted a lovely edging attached to a hanky and a second hanky with a motif in one corner, both are very pretty. She has also finished her black edging and discovered that she omitted a ring at one point. Now to fix it. We've all done that, working on something and then noticing later that there's a mistake further back. Then you have to decide whether to leave it, cut it off, or try to fix it. I had a hanky edging once where fixing it meant hiding 8 ends inside 2 rings because the thread kept breaking. What a stinker. I hate fixing things like this, you have 2 short ends on the left, 2 short ends on the right, and the 2 ends where you add the new thread in. A minimum of 6 ends to hide. Hands up, all those who love to hide ends especially short ones. What? No hands?

Since Carol has been working on some exchange pieces that she can't show yet, she has posted a passion flower she did a while ago. Isn't it marvelous?

Laura's been making some more adjustments on the edging for Candace's wedding hanky. Lots of possibilities.

Larae has done another icicle from the same Workbasket magazine. This tree is going to be so pretty.

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