Saturday, November 18, 2006

Peppermint Flakes and Lacy Pumpkins

You may have noticed that some of the blogs associated with the challenge seem to have stalled. Several of our participants have had different situations arise that leave them with little opportunity for tatting. Work, sickness and a busy schedule are just a few of the obstacles that people have been dealing with. That's all right that's why it's nice that we have a year to work on our motives. They'll post their pictures when they get a chance.

Wally has done a delicate looking snowflake alternating "normal" and "direct" (unflipped) stitches which creates a chain that is similar to zig zag or ric rac tatting. This variation, if done in 2 colours results in bands of alternating colours. Originally done in red and white it looked like peppermint candy. Very clever.

Jeanne's entry for today gave me the giggles. Imagine a teeny, tiny, white pumpkin crowned with black lace and orange beads, topped with an orange bow. Not typical, but still very Halloween.

Laura is taking a break from tatting to knit a poncho for her mother in law. The colour of the yarn is wonderful, too bad you can't tat with it.

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