Sunday, November 12, 2006

Cross, edging, and some things too secret to post

Ruth has found the cord to her printer and finally sent off all the copies of her new book. Just in time too, because she's got a new addition to the family. Pictures will be coming soon.

Janet has been working on exchange items. No pictures yet though.

Gail has done another Mary Konior cross, it's called Rockingham and it's from the Tatting in Lace book in DMC size 12.

Jon is working on an edging for a scarf her mother gave her in a variegated DMC Dentelles. She asks what name do you give to a finished piece of tatting?

In response to the discussion on the tatting lists, Terry has posted a doily she did a while ago,done in pink, green and ecru Altin Basak thread.

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