Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tatting for Christmas

Things are going to be a bit busy for a while so there may not be any new posts until next week
Eva has done a little block tatting billy goat for a Christmas card. Is there some significance to a goat, or was it just appropriate for the person it's being sent to?

Clyde is making more progress on his tablecloth.

LaRae posts more tree pictures. Isn't it lovely? I think I want one too.

Dawn joins the challenge with 2 needle tatted motives. She has been shuttle tatting for a while but she decided to give needle tatting a try.


Riet said...

Hi Sharon,
At first thanks for the great work you do in this chalange project.
Yje goat of eva have a good look at the left is the tail and at the right is the head with a verry big curled horn and the goatee ubder the chin.
meaby a bead in the head for an eye will help to see it better
I realy like this goat

Susan said...

I've very much enjoyed looking at all the motifs on this page. Thanks for sharing pics!