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Usha has provided an updated PDF for the Dreamcatcher pattern. She has been working with her tiny dot picots and created these cute little bows. Playing a little more created a trefoil and one more created a flower with red dots. The wheel pattern is explained in the PDF available on her web site. And another in a different colour variation.

Vera has completed round 11 of Renulek's 2017 doily which now measures roughly 47 cm across. She's on to the 12th round but she thought when she saw the finished one that it would be smaller than last year's. She's almost finished the 12th round. She put aside the doily to work on another project. She must have hit on the right size thread because her sample is working out perfectly. She finished the 12th row and is taking a deep breath before plunging into the next row.

Mistene finished round 7 of Renulek's Spring 2017 doily and the next round is looking easy too. She tatted a Jan Stawasz doily for her mother for Mother's Day in Lizbeth size 20, colour 164, Blue River Glades. (I love the look of the free floating rings that make leaves on the flowers, but it drives me nuts when they fold out of place like the one in the close-up, so as a designer, I generally try to tack the rings down. It's that balancing act between pretty and practical.) Marilee's Stardate HDT was so gorgeous she just had to try it out on round one of Renulek's Snow Doily.

Marthanne finished row 9 in size 40 Latte Foam which was slow going, but now it's behind her and she looking forward to the next rows which should go faster. You can see in the close-up the intricate work of this row is what begins taking the doily from boring to WOW.

Elsa wanted to make a gift for a friend in a lovely pink beige colour and began with Nellie Ellison's border 67 as she had in a previous design. Trying to work from her stash, she didn't have a suitable ribbon she had to weave the pieces together but the freshwater pearls in cream, pink and gray were perfect. Of course the necklace and bracelet are lovely, but to round out the set it needed a pair of earrings. Gorgeous!

Sue entered a bookmark exchange and these are the 3 she completed during her travels in the coach between the U K and Italy.

Lelia tatted an Ice Drop in Lizbeth Size 20 Arctic Waters #185. She also made a small heart, from the Japanese book Tatting Lace in Lizbeth size 20, #622 Med Pink. The Tollway Tatters get together was another great success. Elaine, a needle tatter is working on a spiral design she was creating. Denise tatted around a copper penny. Barbara's show and tell project was tatted snowflake. Sue Anna was sporting a necklace and earring set by Marilee Rockley. Here's a close up of the earring.

Claire really likes this model of earrings, a simple ring on ring design by Corina Meyfeldt. She made them in Lizbeth thread size 20, in Dark Garnet # 674 with golden Toho beads size 15/0 and in  Niagara Falls # 158 with transparent Toho beads size 15/0. Both use a 4 mm bead at their centre.

Diane tatted an Ice Drop or two using the ball of Spring Garden thread. Another day, another couple of Ice Drops. She finally finished her ball of Spring Garden thread making Ice Drops and had just enough left over to tat a small motif. For her second Ice Drop of the day she used size 20 Lizbeth #184, Rainbow Splash. She met up with Denise for the Tollway Tatters get together and Denise showed her a ladybug inspired Ice Drop. Diane is continuing to work with Rainbow Splash tatting her Ice Drops and she has a little window tin that she's using to keep them clean. Carol spent her time working on a heart pattern from a Japanese book trying to give it a longer point than shown in the pattern. Sue was working on an idea for a sun catcher. Sue Anna was working on one of Marilee's earring designs. Denise is working on a series of Ice Drops based on things she likes in nature and this one is for a bee. Elaine is needle tatting a doily. Diane of course, was working on Ice Drops. Since she was subbing and the students were busy studying she had enough time to tat 4 Ice Drops. Subbing for 5th grade didn't leave much tatting time, but she did get one Ice Drop completed. Rainy weather did give her some tatting time and she made this Ice Drop in Rainbow Splash. One more Ice Drop done. This Ice Drop took 3 days to tat, but that's to be expected when the kids and grandkids are all home under one roof.

Fox is on to the last row of Zebra in #40 Lizbeth, two kinds of beads; lilac and purple and quite a few months of tatting. She's still tatting away and this one's going to take a while.

Margaret tatted this Snowflake Ice Drop in Sea Island Citrus and white with a pale blue gem in the middle, using up the thread on the shuttles from the mat she finished.  The pattern is January reflections by Lenore English. This Ice drop is tatted in Green Coral Sea thread, with a green gem, and again she had to do an extra ring to fit the gem.  The pattern is Spring Garden Ice Drop By Diane.

Marie is working on some complicated designs. This one looks pretty intricate. On this one she's using metallic thread to imitate her silversmithed designs. Turquoise Splendor Pendant with stacked rings is one she's keeping. The tatted embellishment around these old drops has totally revitalized them. She needed to empty some shuttles and used the thread to make this cross. Playing around with a Spirograph was a great way to create a new tatting design.

Martha is back to blogging having been intrigued by some vintage lace. Then Georgia asked her to look at the Rose Doily and see about finding the source for it and giving it a test tat. The patter says each motif is 20 rows, but the centre is 18 and the outer ones are 19. Then there is the weird fill-in that connects them all that looks like what she has done in orange. She's worked out a neater method, but will it work? She salvaged the motif with too many rounds by crocheting a border around to have a nice mini doily.

Muskaan tatted Usha's Dreamcatcher and as, usually she has included many step by step pictures and notes on her progress, which I haven't included here. Be sure to take a look at the whole process on her blog. She has shown the difference between outward facing rings and inward facing rings. Tatting square rings makes the Diamond Snowflake by Phyllis Schmidt possible. Muskaan shows how it all fits together as a snowflake, a double snowflake, or an Ice Drop. Muskaan tatted Star #1 from Tatting Patterns and Designs by Blomqvist and Persson. In Anchor Size 40/50 & 3 strands of pale blue embroidery floss for centre it measures 2¾”. Avoiding tiny little gaps at the base of a thrown cloverleaf can be a problem and Muskaan has included instructions with pictures on how to avoid them. She is currently experimenting with single shuttle designs. Or how about some dot picots in a ring. The pattern for the Radiant Sun Paperclip designed for the Online Tatting Class is available from her website link.

Phyllis created her Diamond Snowflake and provided the pattern for it both with and without beads on her pattern page.

HisKid test tatted an Elaine P. Gan design called, Righteous Cross in Lizbeth size 40 Coral Splash and Salmon Med. Another Elaine P. Gan design called New Cross is tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Snow White and Purple Splendor. A re-tat requested by a friend is the Easter Cross. This unique starfish bead was turned into a starfish Ice Drop tatted in size 10 Lizbeth Latte Foam. The pattern for it has been shared on her blog. The tablecloth is ever so slowly growing wider. There are Ice Drops and there are suncatchers, and then there are Ice Drop Suncatchers. The gen for this one was a gift and it's tatted in HDT Blue Ridge size 40, using tiny light blue beads, and the blue bangle bracelet. This cream coloured Ice Drop is a little loose tatted in size 10 Lizbeth Latte Foam, but the thread and stone were meant to be together. This Ice Drop in size 40
Lizbeth Purple Splendor with a frosted gem is actually 6 points this time. Even though it's frosted you can see through this gem.

Wanda added some tatted flowers to a birthday card for her mother. This tatted barrette made with DMC size 30 ecru thread is based on the skirt of Colonial Lady Applique from Aunt Ellen’s Tatting Handbook. It's one of those things that she used to wear but doesn't now that her hair is shorter, still it's hard to do away with those little tatted treasures even if it has seen some wear and tear, so maybe it needs to be re-purposed into a brooch.

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