Wednesday, December 07, 2016

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Marthanne was intrigued by Joelle Paulson's Crystal Star, but on her first attempt she ran out of thread at the last join. On her second attempt she didn't follow the instructions, so now that she's taken a picture, she'll take it apart to re-used the beads. Finally on her third try it looks like it should, and she can settle in to tatting more Crystal Stars to share with family and friends.

Batty Tatter tatted this section of a Jan Stawasz doily as a snowflake to be used in a gift exchange with her art club.

Melanie tatted the tree pattern by Monica Hahn and noticed a misprint in the final chain. See has plans to tat it again in para-cord with pony beads to make a door decoration.

Diane has been tatting around shiny new pennies making shiny coppery Lucky Penny Ice Drops.  In addition to a lot of Ice Drops, she completed 4 Spinning Wheels in November. This one in size 80 Lizbeth #708, River Blue Med is well on it's way. After seeing Victats' Ice Drop, she decided to try a Josephine chain hanger, but thinks she needs a little practise to get it to look nice. The crisp cold weather has her tatting a lot more Ice Drops. She has glass gems scattered all over the hose and more and more of them are showing up in Ice Drop coats. She's been playing around with the stitch count making these Lucky Pennies. More Lucky Pennies are showing up on her tree.

Fox has completed Row 14, and this doily now measures over 18". Even better, the ruffling has just about disappeared.

Jane  started on Ninetta's Mediterranean diet using size 20 thread, much bigger than Ninetta used. However, it might be too large so she worked the elements again with size 40 thread, which wasn't that much smaller. She considered winding two shuttles for each leaf separately so she could start each leaf CTM, but that was going to waste thread and probably time too. So she wound the two shuttles full of green thread and after the first leaf, hid the starting threads in rings A and B. That sounds like a practical solution to me. She reduced the stitch count for the petals of the flower because she thinks the flower is a bit big in proportion to the size of the strawberry leaves. She's thinking of snipping the encapsulated threads and then securing the outside thread onto the fabric for a food cover.

Lilas posts a sneak peek of the Talents of Women show in Rouen.

Margaret did some very small butterflies this month and added them to some cards The first one is a set of Onion Ring Butterflies, in white, purple, falling leaves, Christmas red and Green Coral Sea all in size 20 thread. The second one uses a set of Tat off Butterfly by the tatting player in white, falling leaves, Christmas red, and purple all in size 20 thread. The third one is from a pattern which Carollyn found on Pinterest earlier this month tatted in white, Niagara Falls, Christmas red and juicy watermelon.

Marie tatted Glucksklee another snowflake pattern by Petra. Ringelein is another snowflake from, Happy Occhi. Pattern number 2 from DMC Festive Tatting is very festive. This design is Number 21 from, "Festive Tatting. The Duchess is a little smaller pendant from the Royal Collection. The elegant Queen's Necklace is an adjustable necklace. Pattern number 4 from Festive Tatting. Marie is excited about tatting classes she'll be giving at Bonner's Ferry Museum December 10th. Number 6 from "Festive Tatting encrusted with pearls is so lovely she my just keep it. This one is Number 15 from, Festive Tatting.

Muskaan's latest adventure is all chained up. She's been looting at designs in chains. Like the bangle enchained. She started one in blue but didn't like it and started over in gold, first wrapping the bangle and then adding the tatted embellishment. Then she played with a block leaf. That was followed by a snail doodle. Then a heart block doodle.

Phyllis has been working on tatting lots of Lucky Pennies. She's been enjoying tatting jewelry from Marilee Rockley's Tatting with Beads Jewelry book.

Sue tatted this bracelet for her daughter's friend who loves owls. She wasn't happy with it and decided to tat it again. Her granddaughter loved these charms and wanted them made into a bracelet. Size 20 Over the Rainbow HDT from Custom Cotton Etc. on Etsy was a perfect complement to the charms. Take a wire frame snowman and add some gorgeous tatting covered in sparkly beads and you have one really awesome suncatcher decoration to hang in your window.

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