Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Ornaments, Motifs, Ice Drops, Lucky Penny, Doilies, Snowflakes, Necklaces, Flowers, Pendants, earrings, Angels and Leaves

Elsa has created this spectacular Christmas ornament and graciously shares the pattern with us. She recently created the 1001 nights bracelet and now has added the really gorgeous matching necklace.

Melanie tatted the scarf square from a Workbasket magazine adding colour and beads and different techniques for a marvellous outcome.

Diane is busy filling up her tree with lots of Lucky Pennies. They're just flying off her shuttles, or maybe she's just emptying shuttles as an excuse to buy more lovelies. With all the Ice Drops and Lucky Pennies she's been tatting, she's fallen behind with her Spinning Wheel glass mat challenge, but she did get this one done in size 80 Lizbeth #708, River Blue Med. Then another Lucky Penny and a start to another Spinning Wheel in size 20 Lizbeth #619, Baby Pink. She hasn't given up on tatting Ice Drops, but the Luck Pennies are thin enough to slip in a card. More Ice drops were done and progress was made on the Spinning Wheel. Surfing the net for more centres for her Ice Drops took up some of her tatting time but she still got 3 more sparklers done. She finished the spinning Wheel and having the shuttle loaded with pink thread it just made sense to tat a pink Ice Drop. She thinks it would make a lovely ornament for a baby's first Christmas. Tiddlywinks make another nice alternative to the glass disks she has been using especially when weighted down with swarovski crystals. Her tree is getting weighted sown with ornaments and is looking very festive.

Eliz has been doing a set of 6 Christmas ornaments for her daughter. She used a cotton lining to stabilize the burlap before turning it inside out and stuffing it. The snowflakes are the designs she has been tatting from Lene Bjorn's 24 Snowflakes in Tatting.

Fox became disenchanted with her doily and was contemplating throwing in the shuttles, partly because the bobbins seemed to be a little loose and partly because she wasn't loving working with the beads and also she was running out of beads. Then she considered it again, got a different shuttle and decided to go ahead without the beads. She's already got some serious inches completed. Row 15 is zooming right along!

Jane scattered tatted strawberries over her food cover, added a machine stitched border and created a lovely and practical cloth.

Laurette was inspired by the colours in a photo of stacked seaglass and incorporated them into her Frosted Star doily from Traditional Tatting Patterns by Rita Weiss.

Marie tatted motif 16 from "Festive Tatting", giving it a splash of colour in the centre. Number 17 from "Festive Tatting" has a button added to the centre. The Scepter is a lovely pendant she has added to her Royal collection. "Lil' Princess Earrings" are petite earrings to match the set. She is using size 80 thread to create some tiny charms and this little angel is one of Mark's patterns. This one is from Patricia Rizzo's, " The Gentle Art of Tatted Angels." These little angels are cute.


Muskaan received her thread after a long wait and the first thing she did was wind some Falling Leaves in size 40 onto her shuttles to tat Tammy Rodgers' Maple Leaf Motif. They were simply made for one another.

Sue tatted this Snowflake based on Heart Doily in size 20 Lizbeth Christmas Delight.

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