Saturday, December 31, 2016

Doilies, Snowflakes, Earrings, Ice Drops, Angels and Pendant

This ends another year in the 25 Motif Challenge, which began in August of 2006, when a bunch of us challenged one another to tat 25 motifs, earrings, edgings, snowflakes, doilies, butterflies or whatever bit of tatting struck our fancy in a one year period. The challenge doesn't run from January to December, it just runs in any 12 month period from when ever you start. Some folks started... and then just kept on tatting more lovely laces, year after year. So this is the end of 2016, after 10 years of amazing tatted motifs, and the beginning of a new year with more wonderful, awesome and gorgeous tatting to come in 2017. If you want to join the fun, send me an email or post a comment with your name and blog address. From your behind the scenes hostess, thanks for sharing your tatting with us and here's praying that God will give you an amazing new year full of His blessings.

Elsa tatted this design, Rozallin, by Mi-Kyong Ha, in special cotton drawstring lace DMC and Lizbeth 80 and combines it with a watercolour picture.

Claire tatted a simple  snowflake by Marilee Rockley in Lizbeth thread size 20,Blue Ice # 163 with 15/0 Toho seed beads to start off her next 25 motifs. She liked this motif, Muskaan's spring snowflake, and did it twice to make a pair of earrings in Lizbeth size 20 Blue Ice.

Diane spent Christmas tatting Ice Drops in colour. This Spinning Wheel glass mat in size 20 Lizbeth #646, Purple Iris Lt. joins her collection. She did some more Ice Drops and has decided the Christmas decorations may stay up a little longer this year. Finding more gems means she tatted more Ice Drops. Before Christmas she was tatting in white, but after Christmas she went for an explosion of colour. She felt like she was falling behind in her Spinning Wheel goal, but look at what she did last month. She was aiming for one a week, but at the end of the year she had tatted a grand total of 66. Yay Diane!

Fox is on the 16th row and the doily is looking marvellous. Last row and it's getting really exciting because you can see how beautiful it's going to be.

Lilas wants to know if you notice the mistake. After tatting this much she wasn't about to quit and so she decided to leave it as is.

Margaret finished off her Pinterest challenge tatting the Dimpled Ring Angel by Lenore English in Lizbeth white size 20 thread, which sadly got a little blue, when a spill made the ink run on her pattern.

Marie took all of the tiny tatted treasures she made and mounted them for display. The finished pieces were assembled on a tree for her mother. A birthday gift for her Mom, some tatting embellishing and old earring revitalizing it into a lovely pendant.


Unknown said...

I've decided to start the 25 motif challenge as a way to practice Adobe Illustrator by making tatting diagrams from vintage patterns.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Happy New Year, Sharon! Thank you so much for keeping this challenge going. I don't comment often, but I do read about everything everyone is working on. It helps keep me inspired to tat!

Jill McTats said...

Thank you Sharon for all your hard work posting tatting. I look forward to it every week.