Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Doilies, Edging, Fish, Snowflake, Pin, Angel, Flower, Bugs and Bracelet

Sue managed to get a little more done on her doily and took it out for a photo shoot.

Claire has finished her Norma Benporath doily and she chose to make the outer clovers for the last round (5) first, and then join them as she did the 4th round, which seemed to work out nicely.

Diane finished round 12 of her Jan Stawasz doily which measures 26 inches across.  Round 13 is started. Progress is slow because she has other projects on the go like warping the loom and making baby quilts.

Fox is working on Olympia in size 80 HDT from Yarnplayer, another Ben Fikkert design which is smaller than Buttercups. She's also rounding the corner on the hankie edging.

Marie has been busy with the new house but she still managed to tat this fish by Nami. This First Snow is a pattern from Robin. The pin was found at a yard sale and she kept the tatting simple in lines with the simple design of the pin.

Martha taught one of the angels from her new book, A Flight of Angels, at Palmetto Tat Days and it's one which uses graduated picots which are easier to tat evenly with a picot gauge. For the class she used a "sliding gauge" which she has instructions for on her blog.

Muskaan has posted a tutorial on unlocking a locked join.

Phyllis has posted pictures of the projects from Tat Day, flowers and bugs and bracelets she taught as well as test tatting she did and raffle prizes won.

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