Thursday, February 05, 2015

Bookmarks, TIAS, Angel, Bracelet, Earrings, Flowers, Doodles, Hearts, Motifs, Edging, Doilies and Peacock

The Guidelines
1. Permission to copy. When a participant joins they are authorizing me to copy their pictures to be shown on the challenge blog.
2. The blogs are ALL checked whenever there is an update using the links list in the sidebar on the right, there is no need to advise me that you have added new content. If your new items haven't shown up, it's because I haven't had time to do an update yet.
3. I can't keep track of how many motifs each person does. You may post articles of tatting that you don't plan on including in your 25, or you may post a pair of earrings and count each earring as a separate motif. I don't read minds, so it's up to each participant to tell me when they have reached their goal of 25.
4. From past experience I know the challenge is addictive. If you finish and plan on doing it again let me know so that I continue to check your blog on a regular basis. Also let me know if once was enough so that I can move your blog to the list of past participants.
5. Whenever you get a chance don't just view the pictures here, take the time to click on the links to people's blogs and read all about what they are doing, instead of just getting the snippets of it here. People like it when you take the time to visit their blog and comment on their work. A lot of the fun of the challenge is that we get to know each other and encourage one another to try new things.
6. Tatting 25 motifs in a year typically means tatting 2 motifs per month. Tatters who do not post any tatting content for 5 or 6 months will be removed from the list of participants.
Suzanne made this Cross bookmark from The Complete Book of Tatting by Rebecca Jones in size 20 Lizbeth for her boyfriend and decided it would make a nice first entry for her 25 Motif Challenge.

Melanie has decided to join the challenge and she's currently working on Jane's TIAS which she thinks will be scissors. She's working on an angel for her shawl and at the moment she has the head and wings done.

Mary Lena has a new bracelet design done in khaki polyester thread and cream pearl beads. The earrings were created to match. She has been creating a lot of flowers and her excuse is that she's waiting on spring.

JulieP used Penny 30 thread in Ametista colour for these Royal Earrings by Edda Gustalla. TIAS day 10 looks interesting. Days 11 and 12 show more definition and the current TIAS is almost certainly scissors.

Sue thinks her rendition of TIAS at this point looks like a rabbit on a unicycle. The Linnea Pattern by Marilee Rockley has been joined by a pair of matching earrings. Then there is the next edition of TIAS. Her guess for TIAS is pinking shears.

Lelia is making lots of doodled zipper pulls. Small tats like this are great for simple practical projects that easily finish up threads on the shuttles. Her TIAS projects are being done in Lizbeth size 20 in colours 171, 127, 120, 119, 114. She has more zipper pulls done using Yarnplayer's HDT thread and a free heart pattern by Grace Tan. Yarnplayer's HDT thread and an onion ring pattern from Imported Designs of Tatting Book #77 #8163 The Spool Cotton Co. c.1936. The edging is another design from the book in one of Yarnplayers HDT colours. Day 11 of TIAS is done

Linda's pretty heart is a pattern from Handy Hands Catalog and tatted  with some new thread called Red Poppy. The little tatted basket on the green will be filled with silk ribbon flowers. This pretty tatted heart is a pattern from Nancy Tracy

Cindy went and started Renulek's 2015 Spring Doily tat along. She decide to keep track of how long it takes and round 1 took 2 hours and 5 minutes each time she did it, since she found a mistake and decided to start over. Round 2 took her 3 hours and 5 minutes so she's at a total of 5 hours and 10 minutes so far.

Diane is wondering if TIAS could be a bird. She's making good progress on her doily. She started another doily, Renulek's latest tat-along and she has chosen to do each row in a different colour. She has more pattern repeats done on her large doily. Snow days give her more time for her hobbies and she started with Jane's TIAS. The second round of Renulek's tat-along is done. A little more is done on the Jan Stawsz doily too. Then a wee bit more done before and after school. TIAS looks appropriate for snipping adventures.

Fox is wondering if this edition of TIAS is a monocle. She is making Renulek’s new tat-along with Umintsuru using what is left of her Karey Solomon HDT, #40, and the rest with be Lizbeth, and of course there are beads. Day 11 of TIAS shows that it's not a monocle after all. She had almost abandoned the Morimoto piece as the thread was unsatisfactory ranging from size 40 to size 80 and splitting everywhere. She switched to green in order to use up some of her Lizbeth size 40. Day 12 of TIAS.

Margaret tried for several days to get the right light to photograph her peacock from the book, Occhi Schiffchenspitze Frivolite tatted in size 20 Lizbeth Country Side.

Marie used blue cats eyes and 2 strands of silver thread to make these earrings. The cross pattern is from The Complete Book of Tatting by Rebecca Jones.

Martha has joined in the tat-along for Renulek's Spring 2015 doily and she notes that using threads from different manufacturers and threads that look good on the ball, but not when tatted together has prevented her from finishing some of the doilies she has started in the past.

Muskaan shares a pattern she calls Trailing Hearts which she has done in both bookmark and earrings.

Phyllis has her day 9 TIAS posted.

Stephanie has her day 9 TIAS posted

HisKid joined Renuleks's tat-along in 2014 and didn't get it finished so she's picked it up again in hopes to have it finished this spring. It's tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Orange Crush, Pineapple Parfait, and Lime Green Med, making it her Lemon Lime and Orange doily.

Wanda is catching up on her TIAS with days 6-10. She has been using up the threads wound on her shuttles making ATCs. She has lots of ideas, but not the time to work on them.

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