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Manisha thinks her tatting needs more practice, so she decided to join the challenge with this pattern from Tatting Doilies & Edgings.

Jenn discovered Teri Dusenbury's blog TATtle TALES Tatting Patterns and chose to tat the Wheel of Fortune Snowflake. The Beaded Flower by Corina Meyfeldt was easy and quick to tat up, but she doesn't like her colour choices, so she plans to do it again in different colours.

Muskaan started this zig zag lace pattern from an Indian publication a year ago tatted with South Maid size 10 Colour 22 Garland and she wasn't sure what she planned to do with it. She has now tacked it onto a table cloth for her MIL’s sewing table.

Batty Tatter tatted these two designs from Tatted Snowflakes Collection by Jon Yusoff, the top one is Minaret and the bottom one is Astral both done in Lizbeth Blue Ice.

Lilas wanted earrings to go with the pink necklace, so she did a soft pink pair of earrings with pearl in the centre, and another one grey with rock crystal in the centre. She has been naming her designs just to keep them straight and these diamond shaped earrings are called Helen.

Sue has an almost completed pair of Halloween earrings that would have been finished if the wire hadn't broke. The good news is that she managed to finish the first round of Jane M's African Sky doiley. She's sure she's either done something wrong, or she tats a lot tighter than Jane M. and the only way to know for sure is to keep on tatting. There's another snowflake on the go, but she ran out of thread at class and had to stop. She met David at a tatting meeting and he produces these type of tatty bits for charities. She tried her own variation of the Santa but it seems to want to be a flower. She didn't get this round of the African Sky Doiley finished but you can see that it's getting frilly.

Claire continues to tat a heart a month for her Mom and this month it's Susan Fuller's Heart's Desire. In my opinion it's one of the best heart designs ever created and with Susan's permission, Claire has made a diagram of the pattern and posted it on her page.

Barbara tatted Sahmura from Jon Yusoff's book Elegant Tatting Gems in size 20 Lizbeth called Harvest Orange, Med. Zamrud from the same book was worked in Lizbeth Twirlz thread size 20 #403 and she found that when she had to untat it was harder to see the stitches with this thread than with solid or variegated thread.

Jessica shares a picture of her booth at the Fiber Arts Festival in Longbranch which she tried out to see if she had enough inventory to make it work. It did and she plans for more of this kind of fair.

Grace ran out of the beads she was using for the tutorial on Renulek's doily and had to put it aside and started on a Jan Stawasz doily from Robotke magazine. However after carefully reading the pattern she tatted the numerous motifs and joined them end to end, which wasn't what this pattern called for so she finished row 4 and she's calling it done. Ginny Weathers requested blue snowflakes for an exchange and these snowflakes are from Vida Sunderman's book, done in icy blue with matching beads. This hedgehog from Be-Stitched was also made for an exchange. She is also making Teri Dusenbury's pineapple doily, called Forever Young.

Ancolie tatted 4 squares designed from Tina Frauberger which are Fig 75 in her book.

Diane took a couple of days to finish Adan from Jon Yusoff's Elegant Tatting Gems, in size 20 Lizbeth, Arctic Waters and points out that retro-tatting is so time consuming. Almas from Jon Yusoff's Elegant Tatting Gems in size 20 Lizbeth, Arctic Waters, measures 5" across. Baiduri also from the same book was a fun snowflake to tat but she thinks she should have used longer picots, because when finished there was a lot of cupping.

Fox entered her Renulek doily in the Markham Fair and one First place (red not blue is first in Canada). She began the Under An African Sky Challenge, which she revised, with apologies to Jane McLellan, since she doesn't like the look of overlapping rings. She's getting fed up with doing all those outer motifs for the Jan Stawasz Monster Doily, which is too large to even fit on a chair even though it's done in size 12 perle thread. Under An African Sky is being worked in size 80 and is helping to save her sanity. Some pretties for her and "The Boss" were received in the mail from Marta. From Frivole she received some lovely earrings. Finally, she is finished with the motifs on the Jan Stawasz doily and is on to the next row. She wasn't thrilled with her colour choice for Under An African Sky and she may re-think the overlapping rings and just do it again according to the pattern.

IsDihara finally learned how to make Cluny leaves and Hanging Clunies too, in preparation for an experiment -- tatting Pumpkins on a Vine by Heidi Sunday with Clunies.

Kristen in honour of her 100th post has begun a review of of tatting books she has, beginning with Lyn Morton's Tatting Patterns which is the first tatting book she owned. The instructions are written for shuttle tatting, but she persevered and Peggy was needle tatted in Perle 8. She struggled with some of these patterns defined as "easy" now that she has some experience under her belt, the book is her go-to motif book. Five-Point Snowflake Motif from it was shuttle tatted in DMC size 80.

Margaret tatted some snowflakes in size 20 Lizbeth while she was on holidays including, Wheel of nine rings from Christmas Angels and other tatting patterns by Monica Hahn,  Snowflake Ornament from Easy tatting, Diane' s Snowflake from Anna magazine December 1991 no 32,  and Katie Johnson's 3 dimensional angel which she made slightly bigger by adding an extra double stitch on the chains and rings. The Flowering Quatrain Bookmark by Frivole was done in Lizbeth no 20 she won from Rachel, called Carousel, and she did a spiral chain and using the corner pattern made a square end. Update here is how far she has got with Renuleks mat, she did the last row in red by the pool and started the white just before she came home. She loves Diane's snowflake,  but had a brain wave on holiday and thought it might be nice to add beads, so she replaced the Josephine knot in the middle of the chain with four beads for this result.

Marie found this pattern for sea turtles on Jane Eborall's site and these little guys tatted in Messy Jessy thread are destined to be earrings.

Michelle tatted the pattern by Frivole called Mirabelle and these snowflakes have her contemplating buying a cone of Lizbeth size 20, which might last her the rest of her life. She tatted Robin Perfetti's First Snowfall which she has made mistakes on, twice.

Phyllis is working on Jan Stawasz Moje Robotki Doily Tat-Along and she's at row 6 of 18. She's taking a little break from the Monster Doily to tat a few little things on the bucket list, playing with embroidery floss and Jane's Emotitats.  She noticed a difference in the brand of floss, both were made with three strands to give her a size 20 equivalent but the small one is Hobby Lobby brand and the bigger one is DMC. The green bear was made with her own Kudzu HDT.

HisKid got beaded garland #2 (out of 4) done for her friend. These are 18 feet long and she is tatting them in Lizbeth size 10 Cranberry Bush.

Wanda saw Batty Tatter's Wooly Boy Bookmark and had to make one for herself in, what she thinks is, Lizbeth #142 Turquoise Twist size 20.

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