Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Motifs, Flowers, Snails, Doilies, Letters, Earrings, Bookmarks, Edgings, Dragon, Snowflakes and Pendants

Jenn found the Deep Purple Butterfly pattern she test tatted for Elaine P Gan is perfect for Spring and she plans to do it again in two solid colours to make the butterflies stand out.

Muskaan used the Peace & Tolerance Tiny Heart by Mónica Manceñido to make a poppy and shows how to make the centre for the poppy along with the yellow pistil buds and leaves. She added another layer to the poppy, again using the tiny heart pattern, to form a rose.

Erisnyx tatted these lovely critters were in Lizbeth size 20, #620 as the body, and #121, #124, #131, and #135 for the shells. The two on the left have a bead, while the two on the right do not. The Pinwheel doily pattern from Be-Stitched was done for her uncle in Lizbeth size 20, #115 and #680. For her cousin's birthday, she tatted his nickname in size 10 thread.

Lilas made these earrings once with a bead and once with a cluny leaf and both are equally attractive.

Sue was commissioned to make a pair of earrings and this is the first done and photographed.

Claire tatted several spiral bookmarks to while away a rainy afternoon, adapting the edge # 1, page 23 of  Tatting Doilies & Edgings , Dover Press, edited by Rita Weiss and rewritten by Cheryl Cameron, using Lizbeth size 20, in (left to right): Fern G 20140528_Marque-pages_spiralereen Medium #675 & Fudge Med #698, Grape Dark #645 & Silver #605,  Seagreen Light & Dark #686 & 688.

mb duke has found tatting to be very meditative and relaxing and her relaxing for this week produced a Mary Konior Small cross, this time done in DMC size 80 in black and white. As well as a cross from Jan Stawasz's Tatted Treasures which wasn't one of her favorite cross patterns, but she was getting tired of the Mary Konior pattern and wanted to mix it up a little.  This is done in Altin Basik #50 in gold metallic thread and turned out looking more like an ornament so she added a hanger.

Lelia's first attempt at a Clover Brand tatting pattern that she purchased online from an Etsy seller in Japan using a lovely HDT made by Marilee Rockley aka Yarnplayer, to test drive the pattern. The doll dress made from a hanky bordered in tatting is perfect for a Penny Wooden Doll. Lafayette Lacemakers announced their lace contest.

Linda shares the gorgeous quilts and tatting for which she won well deserved  fair ribbons. Congratulations!

Cindy tried out a simple pattern in the 'New Tatting' book by Tomoko Morimoto and these colourful little motifs and an edging will make a lovely coaster.

Diane added two more medallions to her doily. With determination she has round 4 of Mom's Pink Doily by Nancy Tracy  completed. She's pleased with the progress on round 5.

Fox tatted this design by Robin Perfetti in size 80 Lizbeth as a break from her larger projects. She is being very careful adding the beads to the monster Jan Stawasz doily since there have been a number of painful stabbing issues in the past while working with tiny sharp pointed hooks, however it was the blade of the hand held mixer that sliced her hand and sidelined the doily. Instead she worked on a sweet little sock edging. Row 8 of the monster doily is finished and so are the beads for the moment. The doily is almost 14 inches across using size 12 DMC perle cotton.

Kristen realized she had all the right colours in DMC size 80 thread so she is working on the Rose and Thistle mat from Lindsay Rogers Mastering Tatting. In Round 1 the yellow color is meant to represent the daffodil of Wales. Round 2 has seven Tudor (English) roses. Round 3 has some greenery to tie them together. Round 4 has Scottish Thistles and Irish Shamrocks, and a problem with her thread pointing in the wrong direction. She decided to finish the Stawasz square mat even though it didn't fit into her hot plate. She also worked up this White-Striped Golden Minor Flying Norwegian Dragon as a goodbye gift for a departing officer who loves fantasy stories.

Margaret tatted these snowflakes from a pattern called Mirabelle by LaCossette. Swelling in her hands has curtailed a lot of her tatting these days.

Marie used size 80 thread to try out a new bezel sent out by Resin Craft. The first one which she sent to them (and I omitted on the last update), and the Rose Wreath she did to keep. She had to use up the gold crochet thread on a shuttle working over a bone ring and adding a crystal centre, she made this design which will go on the Christmas tree. She liked it so much she did another one in silver. This pendant used a rectangular, purple, cats-eye cabochon and was done with two strands of metallic, copper sewing thread. This Icy Brooch was a special order for a customer who wanted a brooch done in two strands of metallic, silver sewing thread.

Mica is close to finishing all the snowflakes in this book. This is jingle bell snowflake - minus the jingle bell.

Wanda finished this cross in Lizbeth  #605 and Manuela #019 and then noticed that she'd added an extra ring. Don't you hate it when you think you're finished and then find you have hours of fixing left to do instead?

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Kathy Niklewicz said...

Thanks so much, Sharon, for all these updates! Just wanted you to know we're very aware of your dedication and hard work. Tatting continues to 'evolve' before our very eyes! Wonderful and exciting work being done! And welcome to all the new tatters!