Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bookmarks, Snowflakes, Edging, Necklaces, Heart, Butterflies, Doilies, Motifs and Leaves

Jenn hopes to encourage one of her daughters to read more by tatting her a Floral bookmark by Robin Perfetti.

Muskaan loves the look of Patty Dowden's all rings snowflake made with radiating beams of rings only, which she calls Sunshine Snowflake. Once she started tatting it, she was inspired to used the pattern as a neck edging, which she made with Anchor Mercer Crochet Cotton size 20, variegated Purple with white. She used Anchor Mercer Size 20 variegated Purple and Purple to make the accompanying braid. She comments that the braid which she used as neck ties on the apron could be used as a belt as well.

Lilas tatted the Marie necklace in blue, but she re-tatted in in powder pink that she hand dyed DMC thread to get just the right shade.

Sue tatted this pattern from 24 Snowflakes in bright red Cebelia size 20 and it reminds her of bubbles.

Claire tatted this little heart design by Betsy Evans.

Cigdem started with a vintage dresser scarf pattern motif which she modified then tatted as a choker necklace. She used Lizbeth size 10 thread and black faceted crystals in this necklace

Linda used patterns by Jane Eborall and  Adelheid Dangela to make butterflies for this block with tatted butterflies and appliqued hearts. She used Lizbeth 40 Latte Foam for this doily Eileen Stafford and the edging is in Ben Fikkert's book, A tatting Adventure.

Ancolie has done 2 squares designed by Tina Frauberger.

Fox will be glad when she's finished with this row of separate motifs with it's cut and hide ends.

Margaret was surprised to find tatting in Greece, which the lady in the shop said she needle tatted it in very coarse thread.

Mica is getting towards the end of the snowflakes in Sunderman's book with Spoke Snowflake tatted with Kreinik braid No. 4. Another metallic version of Jon's snowflakes, Oasis, was tatted in metallic DMC floss.

Sue tatted Marilee's Small Maple Leaf in Marilee's beautiful Sugar Maple HDT size 40, at her daughter's request for the earrings.

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