Monday, April 16, 2012

Snowflakes, Necklaces, Easter Eggs, Doilies, Hearts, Peacock, Bookmarks, Motifs and Edging

Carol decided as she finished the last point of this snowflake that she had done it all wrong and that now would be a good time to set it aside.

Marie used two strands of Coats & Clarks bright gold sewing thread to surround these agates.

Frivole shows us the eggs she did for Easter from 2 different angles. Here is the progess she is making on the doily from the book Tatting from Burda done in Lizbeth 20, Mocha Light.

Jess shows us her Josephine chain before and after reviewing a tutorial. Isn't it wonderful how much information is available on the internet and how much it helps us improve our skills. She loves The Heart Within pattern by Frivole that she tatted here in some of her Peacock HDT. She had to do another of the same pattern, this time in size 40 Peacock HDT.

Ginny got the Occhi book with the peacock on the front and this was what she tatted the first day. Now she has the first tail feather done.

Cindy decided she should tat a doily rather than more motifs so that she has something to enter in the fair this summer besides the edging she' working on. She's working from Iris Niebach patterns.

Diane has tatted Stumpy in Sulky blendables Baby Soft which she thinks would be really pretty tatted up as trim for a baby bonnet or Christening gown. She has lost track of some of the work she did, so she decided to use this dish from Grizzly Mountain Arts to hold them. Here's another set ready to be sent off to Chris. The HDT is some of the thread from Jess and Livi, nicely packaged with a tatted heart. More Stumpy, this time in Sulky blendables, Danube Blues and finally in Alaska Twilight.

Fox found 25 motifs too sedate, so she decided to tat 100. TA DA! Here's 100, a motif from the Occhi book tatted in magenta Lizbeth #40 thread which looks very purpl-ish on screen. The first of her next 100 is a pattern by Mark Myers done in size 40 Lizbeth. Then another pattern from her new Occhi book was tatted in Lizbeth size 40 that she did again in reverse colours.

Sherry has reached 72 tried and true colourways for her HDT and in addition she is now making custom silver bobbin style shuttles shown here with motifs done in some of her HDT.

Tattabugg is tatting with sewing thread to make a one and a half inch edging for a friend at church. Hands up all those who have tatted with sewing thread. I use it all the time when I can't find a tatting thread in the colour I want.

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