Thursday, April 05, 2012

Motifs, Necklace, Earrings, Easter Egg, Doilies, Edging, Bookmarks and Scottie Dog

Carol is joining the challenge and begins with Jon Yusoff's Cintamani snowflake from Elegant Tatted Gems done in Lizbeth size 20 Caribbean Breeze.

Marie decided to take the cabochons she previously crafted in silver, and encapsulate them in tatting. This one is jade with two strands of metallic gold sewing thread in the tatting. This necklace is done with red glass baubles using grass green and strawberry pink thread and the pattern from her book, Baubles and Motifs II. The matching earrings have gold filled ear wires.

JB did egg #18 from the Tatted Easter Eggs in Lizbeth Salmon Med. size 20. She's not a fan of dimpled rings because they often result in broken thread but this is a really pretty egg.

Frivole has been working on this long term project for a while, but she's decided to stop here. The design is from Tatting Patterns, reprints of designs from the Workbasket Magazine.

Jess has been in the dye pots again with the results that she has a more vivid Rainbowlicious HDT.

Garyo has been working on this design by Teiko Fujito. Little by little it grew. It's being worked in Lizbeth #40 Spring Garden and it's at the stage where it doesn't look like much is happening, but it's getting bigger.
Jessica started on a new edging from Priscilla Book #3 using a variegated thread. She's re-written it to short form and included the re-write on her blog.

Ancolie has started the challenge again. On this trendy bag she embroidered an Eiffel Tower on one side and added a tatted motif to the other side. She participated in an Easter theme ATC exchange and included some tatted motifs.

Diane was thrilled that one skein of Yarnplayer's Nectarine HDT made all of these goodies.

Fox was sent a thoughtful gift from La Cosette, a shuttle commemorating Misha who passed away last year, mailed, complete with a tiny logo motif. The doily is one of Karey Solomon's designs from a booklet called Sweet Knottings tatted in size 80 thread. The blue vintage thread came from Tattin'Kat thread and the white thread is fairly new but broke 6 times.

Kelly stopped in at a thrift store and found some hankies both with and without tatting and a lovely round doily in fine thread.

Sherry has covered the border of her little one's dress with prancing Scottie dogs.

Wanda made an edging with size 20 Lizbeth #115 Springtime, just tatting with an idea of what she wanted and it looks like it's coming out beautifully. She brought some tatting to the show and tell at the senior's centre and she was surprised at how much tatting she had on hand.

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