Thursday, April 12, 2012

Snowflakes, Necklaces, Doily, Bookmarks, Butterflies, Heart, Shamrock, Letter, Edging and Easter Egg

Carol is halfway done one of Jon Yusoff's snowflakes from Elegant Tatted Gems.

Marie made an attempt at scroll work using two strands of silver sewing thread around a Chinese Writing Stone cabochon. The round stone is a carnelian agate and the tear drop is a banded agate again using two strands of silver sewing thread. The doily from The Tatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito is made with Lizabeth size 20 in tropical punch.

Lyn shares more motifs that she tatted starting with a test piece and lots of butterflies to clear her shuttles. Followed by Sweet Heart Tattered Bookmark Pattern by Kersti Anear. The Cross Bookmark with a Story to Tell by AJ Sutton and Stumpy Tatted Bookmark Pattern by Kersti Anear in bright pink. Finishing with the Flower with overlapping Chains and SR's at the centre, pattern by Jennifer Williams.

Anita had some tatting amongst her stitching and I missed it earlier. She shows us a sample of teneriffe lace in this tatted motif and the similar effect in the whipped wheel embroidery stitch. The tatting for this month’s block is a Celtic Shamrock using a pattern by Yarnplayer.

Jess tatted Jon's Ring of Crowns Sulky Blendables, Olive Tree that Diane her. Then she has a little ATC card with some of her One Shuttle Hearts, the top tiny one is size 80 of LadyShuttlemaker's Confetti Sprinkles. Then the others are RJU 001, Lizbeth's Azalea Md, and finally her Pinkaholic. The colourway she is testing out is potentially named "Iris" because it looks like the Iris growing by her house. The heart is "Unfolding Heart" by Marilee Rockley aka Yarnplayer and the egg is Sally Kerson's.

In Heather's Citizen Schools Tatting Class VI one of the girls who has been struggling managed her first shuttle tatted ring this week. Another one of the students brought in some beautiful variegated nylon thread and experimented with Josephine rings.

Linda made a heart name tag with tatted letters from Lisa Trumble and edging from Sabina Madden. The tatting pouch uses an old edging pattern from the 1900's that she redesigned for easy tatting with only a shuttle.

Diane tatted more of Kersti's Stumpy again in Sulky blendables. This one is Milk Chocolate.

Fox finished this motif design by Georgia Seitz in Jess’s HDT, but she found it a bit difficult to get it to lie flat. The egg is a design by Sally Kerson done in #40 HDT by Tatilicious.

Marty used size 10 Lizbeth "Wildflower" thread to tat the first "Sternenhimmel" pattern from Susanne Schwenke's book SpitzenKreationen.

Sherry finished off her medallion by mounting it on a beaded chain. Then she made it again in size 50 Icicle HDT.

StephanieGrace tatted one motif of Wild Rose Luncheon Set from The Tatter's Treasure Chest Edited by Mary Carolyn Waldrep in Lizbeth size 20 Red and Victorian Red.

Sue has wanted to tat this bookmark for a while but it took some time to get the colours she wanted. It's the Rainbow Heart Bookmark by Betsy Evans done in Lizbeth size 40 Christmas Red, Bright Orange, Lemon Yellow, Christmas Green, Royal Blue, and Lilac Dk.

Wanda finished tatting the very lovely Hanging Basket Edging she was working on, but it's not yet attached to anything. It's made in Lizbeth #115 'Springtime' size 20 and she shares the pattern on her blog.

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