Monday, November 28, 2011

Motifs, Snowflakes, Leaf, Necklaces, Bookmarks, Bracelet, Doily, Ornaments and Edging

Jess won Anika's giveaway which included both HDT and tatting. Jon Yusoff's Elegant Tatting Gems "Adan" snowflake is tatted with Anika's pink and black HDT thread. Then she did Jon's "Adiratna" followed by "Almas". She also shows us 2nd of December by Bjorn, the Black one is size 70 Star tatting thread and the mystery pink thread is one she picked up on Etsy. The ends on 3rd day of December by Bjorn aren't sewn in because she accidentally threw her needle away. Three Mountains by Karey Solomon is done in Lizbeth 40 Turquoise lt.

Julie tatted the Knobby Bud Medallion by Lisa Trumble in LizBeth size 20 Snow White, color 601 the first time using 2 shuttles and the second time using 1 shuttle. Two shuttles gives an arch with the JK on top, while one shuttle makes an abrupt break to the arch giving it more of a point. On the last version she replaced the picots on the chain with JKs and added an outward facing ring in the middle for a very different look.

Marta has another necklace design using the white disc. This one is in yellow with decorative chains around the sides.

Mary decided to try our another of the Lizbeth thread colours. This one makes her think of the Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla colours of Neapolitan Ice Cream. The pattern she thinks is a bookmark design is by Sandy Scales and it makes another 25 for her.

Diane was a lucky recipient of one of Jane's pendants and it's a perfect match to her sweater. Diane, Marilee, Sue Anna, and Jean managed to have a tatting get together with tatting and threads and lots of fun and laughter. Diane has completed Baiduri, from Jon Yusoff's Elegant Tatting Gems in size 40 Lizbeth, color #143 Royal Wave.

Fox has been laid low by a miserable flu bug, but she's still tatting. Does it look familiar?

Gina tatted this little snowflake motif from Patty Duff's Minitats and the smaller star was done just to empty her shuttle using Lizbeth Christmas size 20.

Marty's blog has been MIA since August but she has been tatting. She won lots of ribbons at the fair for her ankle bracelet, her hat, decorated with one of Jon Yusoff's snowflakes and the letter M-both made in size 80 "Oh, Baby" HDT thread from her sister and the pink Hearts Desire bookmark. She got first prize ribbons for the button doily, and the Easter and Christmas ornaments. She also got a first place ribbon on the large centerpiece she adapted from a Jan Stawasz pattern.

Orsi modified one of her previous motifs for Christmas cards.

Stephanie Grace is ecstatic that she has mastered the flip. Yeah Stephanie! Here's her first shuttle tatting ring and chain edging.

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