Saturday, November 05, 2011

Motifs, Shawl, Necklace, Christmas Trees, Leaves, Snowflakes and Hearts

Heather is continuing her beginner How-To series showing how to sew in ends.

Garyo tatted this motif in Lizbeth #40 in Linen Md using a pattern from Nina Libin's book Tatted Lace with Beads which called for 2 shuttles. She did the first one on the right with a shuttle and ball using SCMR. The one on the left was done with 2 shuttles and looks better.

Jessica hasn't worked on her shawl for a while mostly because she lost the sample pieces she had been working with. She has finished the second of 3 borders she was working on and she'll leave all of the joining pieces unconnected until she's sure it's going to work and then connect them in the appropriate places on the final piece.

Marta has been inspired by all of the colour in the changing leaves to tat in sunny yellow and the thought of palm trees and coconuts resulted in this piece.

IsDihara was all set up to start her tatting class at her LYS when her sweetie stopped by to deliver a package received in the mail, her copy of Marilee's new book, Tatted Jewelry.

Linda tatted The Snowflake Tree and the Christmas Present Bookmark from Karey's Tatting Times. She used variegated Lizbeth Red size 20 for the bookmark and opted for Josephine knots instead of beads and a modified tail.

Anne hasn't had time for blogging but she has been tatting. Hearts of hope, Netty the Newt and some snowflakes patterns by Jon Yusoff are displayed on a Catherine wheel made using Trapilho yarn.

Diane hasn't had a lot of tatting time but she did tat the Simple Bookmark by Dianna Stevens in size 20 Lizbeth, color #130 which will be a gift for her friend Nancy.

Fox is done with Almas in DMC size 80 and it's right this time, although the thread broke on the last repeat. Last year she took a lot of her earlier tatting that had just been sitting around, to a shelter for women to use in decorating Christmas cards or in some arts and crafts and they were well received, so she's doing the same thing this year. She did quite a few of Jon's designs. There were some that were first or second attempts. She has also finished the tatted edging on the sleeves of her jacket.

Gina is continuing to work through DMC Library - Tatting - Editions Th. de Dillmont with Plate 5, Figure 27. She has noted a mistake in her first trial tatted in DMC Special Cordonnet in size 20, probably caused by the less than clear instructions in the vintage publication. She has also included the stitch count for anyone wanting to tat the motif. She did it again in 2 colours of Omega size 30 and then did a four some so that she could see what it would look like. One of the motifs uses JKs instead of rings.

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