Friday, November 18, 2011

Motifs, Ornaments, Christmas Trees, Bookmarks, Shawl, Leaves, Butterfly, Angels and Edging

Frances tatted Mary Konior's Black Magic as a motif, then her bell flower modified to a six point star with beads to fill the spaces. Her own design of this round of frilly chains has been turned into the 5th Christmas ball with lots of beads along the outer ruffle. This trim was made 20 years ago to trim a evening suit and it's the daisy chain from one of the Dover publications.

Jess was making Lene Bjorn's 9th day of December snowflake from 24 Snowflakes in Tatting but ran out of thread and made a star instead. She started the Third of December in Lizbeth size 20 Victorian Red and the outside row will be in Lizbeth 684. The Mary Konior Glass mat is done in Lizbeth size 80 Pink Cocoa.

Axa tatted this Jon Yusoff motif that creates an interesting design within design when 4 are tatted together.

Jessica liked the effect of the tatted chains wrapped around the string of beads, so when the store had the larger size of bead strings on sale she bought both beads and size 3 thread to tat around them. This strand is only 6 feet long so she expects to have it done in the next few days.

Mary tatted the new Lizbeth colour Jungle Greens, into a Christmas Tree. This other new Lizbeth thread colour was tatted into a bookmark.

IsDihara posted a picture of Kathy wearing a tatted scarf and wonders if the shawl she posted a picture of could be done in tatting.

Brigitte has finished Motif # 6 in white Lizbeth Size 20 thread, which is from Judi Banashek's book "Advanced Tatting Patterns".

Diane used size 40 Lizbeth, color #163 to tat Jon Yusoff's Almas from Elegant Tatting Gems. She's not sure when she'll need to use single shuttle split rings, but at least now she knows how to do them.

Fox tatted the Leaf pattern by Karey Solomon using thread by Tatskool for her son. She was sorting out tatted bits to give to her sister and came across Bree's Shaded Sun motif that she had tatted earlier. She's using some vintage beads and yellow thread on a pattern by Susanne Schwenke. Finca #16 thread and vintage glass beads look wonderful in this Susanne Schwenke pattern. Success with the pattern prompted her to try loop-tatted rings which were also a success.

Gina is continuing to tat the medallions from the DMC Tatting Library and this one is Figures 16 and 17 of Plate III. She has included the stitch count on the picture beginning with the centre section, followed by the outer round and finally the finished medallion. She found the next design fiddly with rings thrown off chains and again she has shown the stitch count. Marilee's tree was done in size 20 DMC and the beads are silver seed beads size 11/0. Gina took the time to measure the amount of thread required to tat Mary's Butterfly which she plans on stitching onto a muslin bag. She really admired this motif Jane tatted up recently and she was delightfully surprised when it appeared in her mail box and she had just the right colour chain to set it off.

Isa tatted Britt Andersson's harpin lace angel in size 70 cotton thread and it's only 4 cm square. Another angel of the same design also in size 70 thread with more beads. This one was mounted in a ring.

Lily has fun making these hairclips. The first set done in Hakelgarn size 10 in snow white are called carnival hair clips due to the colors. Green clips with Blue flowers and green beads are done in Hakelgarn size 10 in Royal Blue. The pink clips with Black flowers and red beads are made in Lizbeth size 10. Another layered flower ring is done in Lizbeth Black size 20 with Czech crystal bead in the center and tiny glass seed beads from Fox.

Stephanie Grace has just acquired Celtic Tatting Knots and Patterns by Rozella Linden and had to try out the Celtic Cross Bookmark. Then she did a scan of her recently completed bracelet that's much clearer than the picture she showed earlier. The "Wave" bookmark by Sandy Scales from Tatted Bookmarks edited by Barbara Foster was done in LizBeth's Country Side in size 20.

Sue tatted the Fourth Day of December Snowflake from 24 Snowflakes in Tatting by Lene Bjorn in size 80 DMC cotton thread with Czech glass beads.

Wanda found an old UFO some 9 inch sections of edging done in what she thinks is DMC size 30 ecru. Almost done except for finishing of the ends. She has no idea what they were originally intended for but she's sure she can find a use for them.

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