Friday, November 11, 2011

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Jess tatted Tammy Rodger's Maple Leaf in size 80 Pink Cocoa. She created her own leaf that she calls the Livi Leaf in honour of her daughter Olivia using Lizbeth size 20 Seagreen.

Ginny has created lots of ornaments for her new book and here are a few of them.

Heather says in tatting she leaves in the stitches and takes out the mistakes, except when they're too knotty and then she calls them a new design - or a cat toy. Good choice.

Mary fell in love with Maus' Christmas Tree and she had to tat one of her own. The new Blue Ice thread in size 40 from Lizbeth just called out to be made into snowflakes like Kira's Star and Eileen Stafford's Snowflake.

IsDihara has perfected her Cross Your Heart motif. It's a combination of Hearts Afire Cross by Crazy Mom and Hearts edging by Dee Powell tatted in Lizbeth size 20 Victorian Red #670 and measures 4 inches by 4 inches.

Linda made a needlebook for her Christmas Exchange partner with tatted embellishments including initials tatted in green.

Brigitte tatted Terry McGuffin's windmill snowflake in what she thinks is DMC Cebelia Size 20.

Diane is working on Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel glass mat in size 20 HDT but she's not sure what it is because she's lost the tag.

Fox started tatting Tina Frauberger's Crown edging in Finca 16 but it really needed a crisper thread so she switched to DMC 80. Fox used Altin Basak size 50 to tat this beautiful snowflake from Martha's new book Playing with Picots and she's thrilled that she did the entire motif on her first try. Then she did a bit more on the crown edging. Julie Patterson's snowflake pattern uses lots of different techniques all in a very small space and it wasn't a fun tat, but she did manage it.

Gina is continuing her travels through DMC Library - Tatting with Plate V, Figure 28 tatted in DMC Special cordonnet in size 20. She has also included the picture with stitch counts. She did it again in blue with joining picots and several of them made a very pretty bookmark. Martha's Mirror Mirror bookmark was tatted in ecru J & P Coates 6 cord Mercerized in size 30 because Gina has plans to dye it later. Marilee's Layered Ring Christmas Tree Pattern had a short rest break in the middle and as a result the tension is different on the second side. In Aida size 20 thread it's perfect for earrings or pendant.

Isa finished the first part of her tatting project and the second part is begun. She has another project in process, which turns out to be a very special tatted angel. The pattern is by Ros-MariƩ Andersson, which she tatted with cotton thread size 20 with crystal beads and the angel she bought in Denmark.

Kelly has been laid up due to surgery on her ankle, but the good news is that lots of stationary time is good for tatting. She has been working on the Yes U Can doily and making great progress.

Lily found a glass topped box perfect for holding a motif tatted in size 20 Hakelgarn. The perfectly white motif has an ecru border because the thread snapped and when she picked up another shuttle to finish the pattern she didn't realize it was filled with ecru thread. The box makes a good home for all of her tatted pieces. The mail brought her a lovely package of goodies from Fox's giveaway which included thread samples beads and of course Teri Dusenbury's Tatting Hearts book as well as a stunning collection of motifs that Fox has done. Lily has chosen to tat the Regal Heart from the book first using pink Altin Basak size is 50 and is posting real time results of her progress.

Martha made a pair of Nina's Winter Solstice earrings from the Palmetto conference CD. She noticed the Mary Knior's reference to the early 19th century handkerchief is the same hanky pattern as the one she won off ebay. Not the exact hanky, but certainly close enough to date Martha's find.

Orsi has almost finished her lace pattern basic motif. She decided to create a multi flower motif that will be perfect for repetition to make a lace fabric.

Sherry has some new batches of Icicle and Helm's Deep HDT done. The butterfly from her first butterfly book is tatted in her Wildflowers HDT.

Sue was asked what she would do with her tatted butterfly motifs and as you can see she put several of them on headbands for the younger crowd.

Wanda shares this handkerchief that her mother gave gave her done in hen and chicks edging. She's thinking of how best to display it.

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