Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Doily, Necklaces, Earrings, Motifs, Crosses, Butterflies, Heart and Snowflakes

Ingrid tatted Lene Bjorn's the second day of December from the book: 24 snowflakes in tatting in Durable cotton, but this thread is quite thick and the snowflake was too big for the tree.
StephanieGrace has been going through some major upheaval with her Dad needing some major surgery and the family dog passing away. All that she has had time to tat were butterflies.
BSOTF has tatted something for chuckle. A pair of tatted handcuffs :)
Marta created earrings just for wearing with blue jeans using a Polish thread "Monika" in color 26 001.
Nami is tatting tiny earrings with a flower-crochet tatting and amethyst beads formed like a cluster of grapes.
Orsi is creating a silk and felt bolero or stole and already has the tatting decoration ready for it.

Kat got some new colors of Lizbeth and tried them out tatting Brigit Phelps's sweetheart. The one on the left is Turquoise Twist in size 40 and on the right is Berry Burst in size 20.
Tattips has been creating variations of earring designs. She began with a split ring pattern with rings on the second half of the split and added Miyuki Delicas beads in lemon and blue and finished it off with sterling silver ear hooks. Then she did it again in a solid colour with different bead placement. Another variation of the pattern adds an inner split ring and a size 8 amethyst colored bead. The next variation is a square shape. The next one is done in medium grape and gold, embellished with square Miyuki beads.
IsDihara is tatting Iris Niebach's Gloria Butterflies in size 40 Lizbeth Berry Burst.
Wanda got a bargain on a Workbasket and had tat one of the motifs in it. Then she realized that with a little tweaking it would be a cross.
Fox finally finished the motif and in spite of all of the trouble she noticed that her tatting is improving. Even little gifties need some tatting. She did elisadusud's pattern once before,but this one is considerably tighter and more uniform and the two split chains look just like normal ones.
Heather is giving us a sneak peek at one of the pendants from her new book and a pendant and earring set.
Sherry created a circular blocking template for her Daisy Doily and she is sharing it with us.

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