Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bookmarks, Doily, Edging, Motifs and Flowers

BSOTF was emptying a shuttle of some Lizbeth Red Burst thread and ended up tatting a key.

Cindy is building up her stash of bookmarks beginning with this Simple Heart Pattern by Vicki Clarke in Krystledawne's Be Mine HDT, size 30 Cebelia with a split ring tail added. The next one was a design from Jane Eborall's page the green one is done in perle cotton, size 5, the pink in size 8 and the brown in size 12.

Aileen has been tatting a few fluffy flowers. She was going to attach it to the pouch she uses when golfing, but she's not sure if she likes it there. She completed her 2nd paid order of tatting, 10 personalized bookmarks done in an assortment of Perle 8 threads in DMC, Venus and Coats using Yarnplayer's Butterfly bookmark.
Diane tatted a section of Carol Lepard's Tatted Clover Bookmark in Altin Basak size 50, color #3005 using Version 1.2 of Chris Hinton's new Winder Shuttle.
Fox is doing the vintage edging to go on the crocheted cap and the corsage from Tatting Patterns by Lyn Morton in three kinds of pink and some beads, but finds that as usual for her the Lizbeth thread is splitting like crazy.

Marty tatted Iris Niebach's "Delia" and thought it was perfect for the fair, but apparently the judges didn't love it as much as she did since it only won a second prize.

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