Saturday, August 14, 2010

Doily, Earrings, Ornaments, Necklaces and Motifs

Tats made Mary Konior's "Spinning Wheel Glass Mat" pattern in Lizbeth's newest color "Autumn Spice" in size 20.
BSOTF tatted a Christmas ring for some lucky young lady.
Nami has another pair of beautiful earrings done.
Sue is working on a one shuttle design and is giving us a sneak peek. There were some questions about how she got the tatting a round the ball and she shows us a close up so the we can see that they are just normal joins. Awkward to tat, but still normal.
Agasunset has learned how to use her computer to make a visual pattern and shares the pattern for her turquoise necklace.
Fox has finished the cluny motif in "Watermelon", but the colour turned out very plaid looking in this cluny motif.
Shirl created a fabric book to store all of her tatted pieces and shares the steps for making one of your own.

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