Saturday, June 19, 2010

Motifs, Pendants, Doilies, Heart, Socks, Bookmarks, and Sheep

Orsi has taken a break from the larger projects to tat some small motifs. Then she took it one step further and created a pendant.
Kat has found a charming way to display the hearts for the give away. The tatted trim for the socks didn't take long but sewing them on did.
Sue is half way through the Loop-di-Loop doily and has also tatted the Tatted Cross by Mark Myers in Yarnplayer's Nectarine HDT size 30.
Agasunset created an anklet along the same lines as a bracelet done earlier and now she's on to a mystery project. NancyD has finished a pair of tatted baby booties and a blanket for a new little guy who hasn't made an appearance yet.
Steph has another of Martha's critters tatted, an adorable sheep.

Fox is on a roll. After struggling a bit tatting over rings, she's now whipping them out left and right.
Laura has 3 more cross bookmarks done for friends, made in Lizbeth thread. The next one is an adaptation of a length from Norma Benporath's Heritage patterns, also using Lizbeth thread.


Nami Jewelry said...

Hello, I'm new in internet with my tatting, but I have been tatting for a long time:) I like the idea of 25 motif challenge so I would like to participate. My blog is

Teresa said...

Everything here is so beautiful! Love it all!!!

Now that the school year from hell has ended I am looking forward to getting back to my blog, to reading all my favorite blogs (include HERE on that list!) and picking up a shuttle and some thread soon!

Marta F. Sitarska said...

Hi, my name is Marta. I'm from Poland, Warsaw. I started tatting almost two years ago, but only for two months I have a blog with my needlework.
I would like to join to 25 Motif Challange with heart (Iris Niebach pattern with my little modyfication) tatting in Aida tread. You can see this work on my blog: