Sunday, June 27, 2010

Doily, Bookmarks, Heart, Bracelet

BSOTF tatted a bracelet in embroidery thread & Aunt Lydia's red thread. Freedom bookmark is also made of embroidery thread with Aunt Lydia's red thread for the chain with white beads hooking it together.
Marta came across a doily made from hearts on Carla's blog and best of all the hearts are made in one continuous round. Aileen finally finished her bookmark order of 40 size 10 bookmarks in Elizabeth Zipay's pattern.

Anne has been working on a reconstruction of an unfinished doily made by
Sofie Dragseth, a lady who made lots of tatting including a wedding dress for her daughters wedding in 1955. Anne;s version of the centre piece is made in Mölnlycke 12/40 and has a diameter of 62cm (2feet). After it was done she counted jus how many rings, chains and stitches were in it.
Shirl had a hard time with all the reversing of work to join in weird places on this bookmark, but it really worked out well. The thread is Lizbeth Bright turquoise Dk in size 20.

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