Monday, June 14, 2010

Bookmarks, Doilies, Motifs, Rings, Buttons and Critters

Paige has her first motif blocked along with a bookmark design by Carolivy tatted in Lizbeth size 40 Purple Splendor. Then she did another in the same pattern in Lizbeth size 40 Ocean Turquoise. Jon's Foldover bookmark was made in Lizbeth size 20 Tropical Punch using a size 8 needle. Her first attempt at tatting over a rings was a great success except for how the variegated thread looks.
Corina met Wilma van Haren on the Frivolité ring and she makes really nice
collars and necklaces like this design that Corina tatted. She's still waiting for the delivery of the finishing bits so that she can complete it. Sue's daughter had some extra buttons that she dressed up with tatting, but she's not sure what to do with them. They look like earrings to me.

Liyarra tatted a lovely square motif, but couldn't remember where it came from. After scouring the tatting realm, she finally cam across it by accident. It's part of a doily set from Jan Stawasz's Tatting Theory and Patterns done her in Lizbeth dark purple in size 20.
Sunshinecraft tatted the Carnation Boutonniere from The Tatter's Treasure Chest and the lower left one was done with DMC 80. The others are variations done in an assortment of threads. The hair comb for her sister-in-law last year. The colourful doilies are the Scalloped doily from The Tatter's Treasure Chest and she planned to make one in a variegated thread but dye lot issues called for a change of plans. Now that they're done she keeps thinking doilies should be white. I think colourful doilies need to match the colours of the rooms they are used in. Vibrant shades of thread don't work well in pastel rooms and tend to make the more timid of us long for white. Steph tatted another one of Martha's famous critters. This one is a ferret.

Vinnie has been playing with dimpled rings and the ends result is a lovely pair of earrings. Just the kind of tatting doodles that will be fun to tat on the plane on her trip to Europe. Fox tatted this Iris Niebach heart but feels like the design got lost in the colour shifts. Gina's heart encouraged her to begin it again in a variegated pink with pale pink beads the start was a disaster, but now it's coming along nicely. She had fun with the Fringe Element tatters and when she saw the cheapie blue shuttles in action she had to get some. Her cluny leaf homework is coming along but she's not thrilled with split chains.

Heather has been testing more critters for Martha. The whale and the giraffe are hanging out with the rhino and the bird is the newest addition.

Krystle's work in progress is a projected bib style necklace and she gives us a peek at the process. Some fabric covered buttons embellished with tatting have become rings and bookmarks.

Laura shows us the tatted bookmark and other prizes sent out in her giveaway and one of the crosses she made for her children, who lost their father recently.
Vanessa wanted a larger project to tackle and chose Debbie Arnold's Purple and teal square doily. It turned out beautifully although it was challenging to tat.

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