Thursday, December 03, 2009

Butterflies, Bookmarks, Snowflakes and Jewelry

Liz had a break for making ATC's but this was the perfect size for a tatted butterfly and dandelion.

Fox has finished her crocheting and now has some time to play with her tatting. These are some pieces where she was experimenting with shape design and celtic tatting.
Katie tatted another of the Sweet Heart motifs. This one is done in one of the new Lizbeth colors. She also found some must-have scrapbook supplies for a tiny lunch box that will serve as a new tatting tin.

Rayanna used the teeny tiny shuttles and the pink and blue threads she received in the mail to tat this ring from Marilee Rockley called "Remembrance". Then she did it again in Colors 99 Majesty Mercerized Boil Proof 30 & DMC 992 20 Cebelia with an added accent button with gold stars on it. M isn't thrilled with the Tatting Theory & Patterns by Jan Stawasz book. Having to learn his peculiar form of tatting just to complete the designs isn't a lot of fun. Viv received her exchange present which included a lovely tatted snowflake among the other goodies.
IsDihara was cruising through the internet and discovered a felt holly corsage that would work perfectly in tatting. Mark's Shuttle Motif in lavender is the basis for some secretive tatting.
Brigitte tatted "Triad" from Mary Konior's book Tatting Patterns with beads and then kind of got stuck because she wasn't sure if she liked the edging which was adapted from Phyllis Klosterman's booklet "Tatting Designs -Edging Collection". She finally finished it and the thread is Size 20 Haekelgarn which is a really nice thread to tat with but the beads are a big disappointment as the paint rubbed off while tatting. The 3 mm beads came in a bead pack from Dollar Tree and have held up well. She wants to attach a charm, pendant or teardrop bead onto the free picot in the center, but isn't sure yet which.
Mica started this design from "Tatting Patterns" by Mary Konior, in black DMC Special Dentelle 80 some years ago. There were problems with broken thread, issues with a missed picot and concerns over the centre being bowled. But her it is finally in all it's misty glory.
Linda tatted this quick and easy icicle from The Workbasket, June/July, 1990 by Charlene G. Finiello using Aunt Lydia's Crochet Thread size with silver metallic threads. The nativity pattern is from Becky Dempsey and uses mainly Split Rings with a few Josephine Knots and she added a star and gold braid over the top of the cradle. Mrs Santa Clause who was just a plain old lady from Avon with only a red dress but now she has tatted the earrings and Christmas Tree and braids and buttons on her dress.
Krystle shows us her latest creations of tatting mounted in resin, first on a ring and then in a bracelet. The thread in the bracelet is Rainbow Brite HDT although it looks somewhat subdued by the resin. The green bracelet is her latest creation to go into her Etsy store.

Steph is creating her own snow flurries. Ornament One is from Susanne Schwenke's Spitzen-Kreationen with an additional repeat to make it six sided, tatted using some vintage Lily size 70 thread. Ornament Two is from Kaye B. Judt's "Oh My Stars!" using Altin Basak 50 threads. Ornament Three is from Lene Bjorn's Snowflakes in Tatting in vintage Star 70. Ornament Four is from Festive Tatting by DMC using Tatskool's Rainbow Bright thread in size 80. Then in the next picture we have The First Day of December from Lene Bjorn's 24 Snowflakes in Tatting done in DMC size 80 in color 3756, a very, very pale blue. Next is Snowflake 17 from Joann Stearns' Christmas Ornament Collection worked in vintage J&P Coats, size 70 thread. The big one in the center is another from the Stearns book, number 19. Size 20 Lizbeth in Sherbet Delight. The fourth is Teri Dusenbury's Loop-de-Loop Snowflake tatted using Lady Shuttlemaker's Seaweed HDT in size 80. And lastly is 'Kind Hearts and Coronets' from Karey Solomon's Tatting For The Tree tatted with Yarnplayer's 'Brilliant Sunset' in size 80. Ancolie has tatted the letter "A" for - love. Well, maybe not in English, but it is for Ancolie! It looks lovely.

Wanda designed a small doily called Arches over Arches and for her blogoversary giveaway she made it in Lizbeth Falling Leaves size 20 with a brown center in it. She has been madly tatting her snowflakes for Christmas and in the spirit of the season she is sharing the pattern for the larger snowflake shown here. Claudia has also done some of Ellen's snowflake paperclips. She tatted a candle for a postcard Christmas exchange from a downloaded image from the web, but sh has forgotten the author.She also sent this snowflake in white from the book Tatted Snowflakes by Vida Sunderman and both designs used size 8 DMC perl cotton. She was looking for an easy Christmas wreath and she found Ruth Perry's celtic wreath, done the first time without beads and the second time with.
Ellen tatted a Joy paperclip for one exchange a tatted flower on an ATC and a butterfly paperclip for another exchange and now she has settled into making lots of snowflake paperclips from Georgia's Online Tatting class. You can never have enough of the quicker sort of tatting pieces ready for Christmas.

Aileen had a computer meltdown and while waiting for it to be repaired she tatted these lovely angels. From left to right they are Birch Silco thread (with a blue crown); Gutterman quilting thread (pink crown); Gutterman cotton 12 (pink crown); Gutterman cotton 30 (blue crown); and Gutterman cotton 30 (purple crown). Arlene is working on lots of stuff including tatted Christmas balls from JoAnn Stearns book Glass Christmas Balls.
Diane tatted the Second Day of December snowflake from 24 Snowflakes in Tatting by Lene Bjorn in this lovely green Flora just so that she would know how much of the precious HDT to use. She did it again in Sherry's "Country Christmas". Since she had more of the thread she did another of the same snowflake with larger picots, but there isn't a lot of difference. The snowflake is a bit larger than she likes so maybe she'll check her stash for smaller thread.
Heather received Rozella Linden's book Celtic Tatting knots and patterns in the mail and wanted to try it out in her Pink and Brown thread. The 3rd one is one of her design.
Jeff was in a bookmark exchange and was sent this lovely celtic bookmark by TattingChic.

Kathy has displayed a lovely wide lace collar that she has used as both a collar and as a lace border on the waist line of a gown. It's always nice to find additional uses for those lace collars as they are so lovely and don't get shown off as much as they should.
Kelly received a beautiful tatted snowflake in an exchange.


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