Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snowflakes, Trees, and Ornaments

Katherinne tatted the December pattern from Georgia Seitz site for beginner tatters and a variation of the same design as well as a crochet pattern that was translated into tatting, all done in a size 20 HDT from Lady Shuttlemaker, "Icicle." She's done 4 of each and will be joining them with jump rings.
DesertSonnet tatted some simple motifs as bookmarks for her mother to use with her Kindle.

Fox was on a trip to New York and spent more time retro tatting than tatting. The red beads on the snowflake spilled and half a container had to be picked up, but that's an onerous task when you're away from home and can't just grab the vacuum with panty hose stretched over the nozzle. The gorgeous Mary Konior pattern with onion rings was a beast to tat from the instructions and most of a skein of Himalayan Poppy got cut to shreds as she worked it out and finally resorted to using Oren Bayan Salmaz #12 which she didn't like. She salvaged just enough of the pretty HDT for the centre of one snowflake.The green motif is The Second Day of December from Lene Bjørn's 24 Snowflakes in Tatting made with Dr Von Threadmore's HDT and green and silver beads that appear all silver when tatted. The colour is gorgeous, but the thread which was a trial batch isn't.

Vanessa has completed the Maple leaf designed by Tammy Rogers tatted with Altin Basak size 10.
IsDihara shows her favourite teapot on a wonderful doily bordered in delicate tatted lace surrounded by yards of pretty edging and asks do you want Tatting Tea Tuesday to continue?

Shirl tatted a bookmark for a gift using Lady Shuttle Maker’s hand dyed size 20 cotton in Coffee n Cream. Laura has tatted lots of snowflakes using Jon's Quantiesque Snowflake in an assortment of colours and for the bobbin lacers she has completed her fan except for mounting it on sticks and used the leftover thread for a pile of bobbinlace bookmarks.

Steph tatted Terry McGuffin's bells, Liberty Bell and Bella Mia and Bella Nina using Altin Basak size 50 threads with 15/0 or 11/0 beads. The little doily from Blomqvist and Persson's Tatting Patterns and Designs using Lizbeth 20 in Golden Yellow Medium, Antique Violet Medium, and Leaf Green Medium.

Vinnie is really enjoying herself needle tatting with wool. She made a first attempt with a flower. Then it was a josephine chain with split rings on a bracelet with a ring through ring closure. Followed by another bracelet and a matched bracelet and pendant st with lovely rose buttons and a brooch on a coat lapel with the needle through it. Can't you picture this with a fancy stick pin? Now she's on to doing an edging but she has modified the stitch count as the really large rings were hard to manage.

Wanda's white snowflake was an accidental modification of a pattern as she made a mistake on the centre and decided to just keep going because it was pretty anyway. The snowflakes in bangles take a little extra time to mount and as they aren't done in Christmassy colours they can be left up all year long. Ellen tatted a lot of Christmas angels this year, a few holly leaves, a name bookmark in Flora threads using Teri Dusenbury letters, and lots of earrings and hairclips. Wow, that's a lot of tatting.

Aileen tatted on Christmas eve and made Brigit Phelps' Peacock Heart in an assortment of colours. On the top there is Aunt Lydia's size 10, colour Pastels, Melanie colour 092, South Maid colour Mexicano, and on the bottom South Maid again, and Lizbeth 20 Springtime. The final heart is Sweet Heart tatted in Lizbeth 20 Carribean. From one of her Secret Santas a lovely tatted snowflake.
Bev test tatted Dantatter's motif from the Design-Tat class in Raspberry Ripple thread. Her Secret Santa sent her an assortment of tatted goodies including tatted earrings, a tatted bookmark and a snowflake.
Heather finished up this beaded motif design for Tatting Tea Tuesday along with the Icicle from her book Tatted Winter Fun and a flower using Jane's LONG bead picots, all shuttle tatted in size 30 thread. With Jane's help she figured out how to shuttle tat the earring design the way she wanted. Coffee mugs filled with chocolates and topped with a small tatted doily were prepared for the kid's teachers. Knitted cord was added to the flower motifs as presents for her daughter's friends. The only Christmas tatting she gave out this year were tatted icicles like these done in an assortment of bead colours for her mother. Now that the rush of Christmas is over she's back to creating tatted ladies.
Jeff tatted Janes's Snowsettia in Lizbeth size 20 colour #116 (Christmas Delight) and DMC Cordonnet size 20 in white, but he doesn't like how the colour choice worked out. He'll be doing this snowflake again. The Sixth Day of December from Lene Bjørn's book 24 Snowflakes in Tatting using Lizbeth size 20 in colour #656 Dark Wedgewood. He tatted Nancy Tracy's Tatted Tree in Flora size 20 thread in colour #230

Kathy shows us a straw angel that she tatted wings for to replace the straw. The wings were created from a fan pattern in size 30 ecru thread and then stiffened. The Christmas card angel also has a modified fan for wings. Kathy tatted my Merry Christmas Snowflake in white Lizbeth thread, size 20 and added a turquoise rhinestone in the middle on both sides.

Martha tatted Mark Myer's Holly & Berries design featuring the half ring braid technique. Then she did "Christmas Berry Wreath", by LaRae Mikulecky which is made in one pass with one green and one red shuttle, and features lots of Josephine knots.
TattingChic shares some lovely tatted ornaments from previous years that are on her tree. The tree sits on a tatted doily she found in an antique store and it's topped by the most amazing tatted angel she made last year out of three different doilies. She discovered the charming tatted tree from a pattern created by Jennifer Williams on Carla's blog.


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Wow, Sharon, there was a lot to share in this one! I hope you took a nice break...soak in the tub...got a massage...something to take care of YOU after posting that! :)
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Kathy Niklewicz said...

I'm echoing TattingChic's sentiments here! My goodness - this was quite an 'update'!

Thanks again for all you do.

Happy New Year!

Fox said...

Me too! WOW, Sharon, that is a lot of work! Thanks so much for doing this!
Have a Happy New Year. All the very best to you and your family for the coming year.

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