Thursday, November 26, 2009

Edgings, Necklaces, Hearts and Snowflakes

Fox is stuck on the third exercise of T.A.T., having read the instructions incorrectly. Then she took a break to play with an insert from the Priscilla publication.
Katie re-purposed some small tins with hinged lids to hold tatting tools as gifts for her tatting friends. Then she filled them with colour co-ordinated tatting treasures like HDT matching beads and a small pic cushion made of felt. Then she explains how she uses decoupage on a shuttle. Rayanna tatted a lip balm holder from Heather's pattern. IsDihara has finished row 3 on her adaptation of the SweetHeart by Birgit Phelps, tatted in Rainbow Bright HDT. It's a bright and cheerful design. She also posted a bread wrapper design that is simply shouting "TAT ME!"
Wanda tatted these snowflakes to give to special friends and family. She thinks she will mount the multicoloured snowflakes tatted in Lizbeth Christmas Delight size 20 in bangles for hand delivery, but leave the bangles off of those she mails. The white snowflake is new this year, too it's pretty quick and easy to make. Aileen's Hallowversary prizes are on the way. She went to the local craft store and found some Silco thread on sale and tried it out for tatting. She found it was very smooth, about the size of 80 or 100 and it tatted up nicely. She also managed to complete another lipstick holder in 29 DMC cebelia - so it's a little chunkier. Carol's daughter Katrina received this awareness ribbon tatted by Rayanna, that has a lovely little angel pin in the centre of the ribbon. Carol used size 80 thread on Heather's tiny shuttles and had enough thread to tat this delicate heart. Carol was a winner in Clyde's giveaway and he sent her this beautiful, delicate bookmark tatted in Yarnplayers HDT Lavender Orchid in Size 100, along with a skein of HDT. Diane tested out one of Heathers itty bitty shuttles with great success. Her Raspberry Sorbet, that's thread, NOT dessert, finally arrived from Ireland along with a lovely tatted snowflake. Since Diane has the book with the pattern she plans on tatting this snowflake. Heather designed one necklace with a second variation and now she has orders for a several more.

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