Saturday, August 15, 2009

Snowflakes, Seahorses and Crazy Quilt bits

LauraRose posts motif 11 and 12 for the 25 motif challenge made in DMC Perle with verigated and solid colour threads. She has plenty of "extra" bits, begging to be stitched onto some ATCs and the length is the first piece of 'homework' for the on-line tat design class I am taking. Remember you can't attach your homework pieces to a quilt or you won't be able to use them to design with!

Christine tatted the seahorse using Debbie Arnold’s very easy to follow pattern. to embellish a cray quilt. The second piece is the star fish on the bottom left. The threads were HDT, but she's not sure which ones.
Hye-Soon uses this lovely motif to show how to sew in the ends of the thread.

Steph has decided the she wants a Rainbow Christmas Tree this year and she has started tatting these colourful snowflakes for it. The firsts 3 are from Jon Yusoff's snowflake collection and she plans to work next from Myra Piper's book.
Jeanne tatted the Beatrice doily by Iris Niebach in Melamine size 30 HDT from Heather. She made a mistake and had to carefully retro tat it. That's one of the problems with these lovely HDT threads, you don't want to cut it and ruin the flow of colour. Jeanne is making a lot of Daisy Picot stars for her daughters wedding and finger tatting motifs in bulk was getting tiresome but this little shuttle from Noreen Crone-Findlay is the perfect answer. Dianne tatted this pretty little motif from Projects in Tatting by Sheila York in green, perfect for the coaster.
Heather tatted another Victats Ruffled Heart design in size 10 thread in Bubble Gum colorway, in a different dye technique she was trying. Martha Ess' Paprika the dragon was also done in Bubblegum with and extended tail in Josephine Knots. The second dragon was made in size 10 Vanilla Mint.

Maria has finished 25 motifs, but she participated in a crazy quilt challenge that she tatted these little pretties for, so she started the challenge again. This challenge is so addicting I think we have some folks who will never be done. LOL.

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Teresa said...

Wow- what a beautiful collection of tatting!

I don't usually comment here but I have to tell you how much I am enjoying this blog!

Also, I have a question- does anyone know if Hye-Soon's blog has a translation button? Her pictures make it look like I could really learn a lot.