Thursday, August 27, 2009

Different laces, bootees, doileys, earrings, SHUTTLES and more!

Viv joins the challenge with a motif from an older book (Ann Valeire Book 2). The Center ring is in Lizbeth Royal Blue and the outer rings are Lizbeth Royal Wave.

Mica's been practising her bobbin lace and has 2 new lace flowers!

Trayna's been selected to test out Shirl's new tatting shuttle. It looks awesome!

Krystle's been having oodles of tatting adventures with her Gram and her friends! Read all about it.

Lots of people have been taking the Rainbow Test! Looks like Charlotte's white and green.

Steph's completed her Halloween stitch! Awesome… I mean Gruesome!

Vinnie's been up to a load of crochet recently but has also designed a new tatted strip which she calls Twisty Flower Vines.

Ancolie shows us some of her lace samples. Lovely.

Wanda's done a load of paperclip bookmarks with butterflies and horses in an assortment of Lizbeth 20. Well done. Maybe I should do some fo Christmas!

Neophyte shows us her long completed Rose Garden Doiley from the Big Book of Tatting. Hmm… seems to look like a potential shawl pattern to me! Anyone wanna try it?

Jeanne has complete Iris' Beatrice doiley in a lovely pastelly colour which appears to be a HDT from Heather! Kudos to both Jeanne and Heather for the lovely 'combined effort' doiley! In fact Jenne has generous put this doiley to raise funds for a gal with cancer. She's also gotten some of Jeff's chainmaille and has figured whe's green and brown on the Rainbow!

Nita shares her homework from the designtat class

Ellen shows us what has been sent off to her giveaway winners. Aren't we all jealous!

IsDihara shares an autostereogram on her site. I can't see it!!!

I've also uploaded my design tat homework.

BJ's still tatting in Tuscon. Our prayers are with you.

Moni's done some cutee baby socks!

Tattingchic shares her newly painted shuttle

Wally's been tatting earrings! From the free-pattern site and from Jane!

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