Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Hand Dyed Threads, Snowflakes, Bookmarks, and Paperweights

Heather has new hand dyed thread in her shop. The names are Blue Raspberry, Berry Punch, Camoflauge and Faded Jeans. She has tatted a snowflake that is very pretty. Also, happy birthday to Heather. She has pictures of some of her presents including chocolate and flowers! Heather has made another posting since I started this one. She is asking for help with her thread dyeing addiction. Forget it honey! It's hopeless!

Kathy is making the prettiest paperweights. She found the actual paperweights at Dollar Tree and is placing tatted motifs inside. She gives good directions for this and you can see here the lovely pictures. She is also purchasing their ornaments and embellishing with tatting.

Shirley has tatted a lovely snowflake, a green motif, a doily from a Japanese book and an angel from one of Martha Ess' books. Beautiful work.

Tattingchic is tatting from Denise Munoz' book with Lady Shuttle Maker's thread "Helm's Deep" in silk and it really shines. She has also won another award. Way to go!

Mrs. John let her deadline for finishing the challenge slip up on her. She's got to get moving really fast now!

Claudia shows us the bookmark she is making in Georgia's on-line class. She is learning lots of new techniques. She also has motifs 8 and 9 which are very pretty.

BJ has tatted a sweet bookmark in Pamela's "Rainbow Bright" hand dyed thread and a mini cross in purple that is precious.

Joy has tatted a Santa ornament from the April 1990 Workbasket by changing things up a little. She may make more if the mood strikes. This is her 45th motif!

Wanda is tatting snowflakes while visiting with her new grandson. She has limited thread choices as they left home in a hurry, but the snowflakes are very pretty. Congratulations Wanda.

Carol has tatted some beautiful black cuffs for herself. She says they weren't difficult at all. They look it! Very pretty.
Diane has posted pictures of snowflakes #2 and 3. I can't wait to see her tree!
Jon has added the pattern to the mat/runner to her pattern pages. Thank you for sharing Jon.
Laura has four new snowflakes from Tattingchic. They made a trade but we haven't seen what Tattingchic received yet. She also has finished a third Spinning Wheel Glass Mat in size 80 thread.
Pamela has finally has time to show us pictures of her beautiful new grandson. He's a doll!
Sharon has a wonderful tutorial to show us how to add in new thread. Thank you Sharon!
Sherry is so proud of her students, and with good reason. They are already doing things it took me ages to learn. Way to go Sherry!

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