Sunday, November 09, 2008

New Baby, New HDT, New Designs

Heather has designed a cute heart with a paw print in the center in memory of her dog who has passed away. She and her daughter Shannon have caught the HDT bug and have dyed 3 colours of thread together. They are Licorice, Rosewood and Brandywine.

Alan has finished his first 25 motif challenge with these 4 blue ribbon winners and is going to start again. The winners are a wedding garter that is an adaption of Lenore English's bookmark pattern done in Flora #20, a doily that is the Blue doily pattern from the Needle Tatting Two site, also Fora #20, Magnolia pin is from a pattern from the tatting calendar, the leaves were his own addition, also in Flora, #20 and the butterfly is from a design by an Italian tatter, done in #10, yellow.

Tattingchic takes us for a tour of Lace Day in LA held by the Freeway Lace Guild. There were lots of lace making supplies and samples of tatting, bobbin lace, tape lace, knitted lace and needle lace.

Ellen has 3 new shuttles to show us and motif #16 of the challenge. The motif is a Christmas tree that can be made in one round and she has posted the pattern. Ellen also shows us what she received from here exchange partner.

Aileen shares her way of putting a hole in her hook that she thinks is unique.

Kate has given birth to her third child Keziah Ruth. Congratulations Kate, Lars and family.
Iris continues to develop her ideas with the hexagon and has designed a rose to fill in the space when organizing them in a rectangle.

Clyde shares about giving the gift of tatting and the possibility of a Celtic snowflake snowstorm.
Gina needs our help identifying an edging she has started.
Jon has posted a picture of a double heart that she tatted in HDT that is beautiful. She also tells of a tatters nightmare of having to untat over 20 rings. If that happened to me I would go crazy.
Laura's' blog shows all the thread winders she is making. They are a must see and you are going to want some. She also posts a picture of Georgia's rose in a spray.
Marilee is working on a new necklace design and includes her tips on getting beads on a picot with a "floss threader" and helper thread.
Sherry has been busy so look out HDT lovers she has Christmas and winter colours on the way.


Tattycat said...

Good job Clyde. Lots of exciting news!

Unknown said...

Can I count Keziah as motif #19? :)

Seriously, we're glad she is here and healthy!

I'll get some more tatting posted one of these days.

Thanks, Clyde!