Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Bit of This, A Bit of That and One Great Cake

Heather shows us a bird that she designed for her upcoming book and its one for the designs in her new book which isn't quite finished Ornament Tatting 2 with bells.

Ellen's tatting group got together and they had a good time. They tatted Ellen's' Christmas Tree and then had a special treat a cake decorated with tatting.

Aileen was at the gathering with Ellen and shows the tree that she tatted. She also tatted a pair of YarnPlayers Elegance earrings for a gift.

Bonnie tatted two bookmarks and is counting them as #16 of the 25 motif challenge.

Anne is taking part in the online class and expanded on the theme of the
of the classic tatted wheel by making other shapes.

Bj has received her beautiful Chinton 2008 " Hedgehog Merry Christmas" Shuttle.
Joy continues her snowstorm with snowflake #47

Diane is adding to her snow flake collection.
Gina got together with her guild and made a pretty candy cane. She is also expecting visitor 150,000 to her blog next week.
Marty has been busy tatting Christmas gifts and shows two decorations she made.
Pamela has tatted Milky Way Snowflake in Rainbow Bright HDT and different combinations.

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