Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bookmarks, Edgings, Doilies and TIAS

Eva has tatted the Swedish national flag in split rings.

Meme has received another piece from the round robin. These bookmarks came from Vicki and she included the pattern for one of them.
Wendy has been too busy with many other things to do much tatting but she recently picked up her shuttles again to tat this edging with some vintage thread. She may have some more of the same thread in her stash so that she'll be able to make it even longer.

Anne had time while at a conference in Budapest to work on a doily. She only has one and a half rows to go.

Tami tatted a number of crosses from Patty's book to be given away and started on the TIAS project. Here's her finished lady.
Iris is home from Horstmar with lots of pictures of the tatting that could be seen there including the pieces from her recent book. You can access the tutorial on her web site from the link on her blog and learn how to tat with a wire core. Iris has also posted some helpful information of how to work and avoid a back ache.

Norma has been thinking cool thoughts tatting snowflakes in summer to take her mind off the hundred degree heat.

Bev received this lovely blue angel from Emily Garland by way of Karey Solomon. Her Motif #5 is a card from Pat Monroe's, "Garden of Flowers", the Lupine/bluebonnet. She used Sulky for the blue and King Tut for the variegated thread. The card will be sent to Gary Houtz, as a get well sentiment. Bev has tatted the TIAS project and ran into several problems from beads that don't match for the eyes, to tension that wasn't as consistent as she wanted it to be.

Margaret is half way through the challenge with this design by Mark Meyers and Lauren Snyder. Her nephew graduated and the card her sister got had the caption "nice hat" on the inside. Margaret thought that the pattern in the university's colours of black and gold was the perfect touch.
Jeff has his TIAS done with a variation on the hair style.Aileen has tatted Mary Konior's square in size 20 Omega and Nina Libin's square ornament in size 20 white Coats with silvered clear beads. Both of them are lovely and they look even better now that she has a scanner to take pictures of them. She has embarked on tatting what she thought of as a boring doily, but she's had a change of mind and discovered that it isn't so boring after all. Here it is after round 5 and it hasn't turned into a basket, it's still laying flat.

Bonnie's teaser is finally completed. It's the triangle motif doily.

Joy has been working on lots of tatting for the Farm Show. She finally settled on a design and colour combination that she liked for the runner. The tatted hens and chicks edging in variegated blue is made with size 80 thread. Working with thread this fine is a first for Joy. The little doily from A new Twist on Tatting was planned for a trivet, but when she couldn't find one large enough she used a ribbon wrapped styrofoam ring. Another little doily Another little doily/medallion tatted in size 30 Cebelia comes from Tatting Doilies & Edgings edited by Rita Weiss.The insertion design was completed in Olympus size 40 and the tatting sewn onto a hand towel for the Farm Show. The hen and chicks edging with one picot on the "hen" ring is how Joy's family did it and she was surprised recently to see that in all of the pattern books there are multiple picots on that ring. Does anyone know of any single-picot samples other than Joy's family, or is it just have a little quirk?

Carol L. sliced her finger cutting celery and needed 7 stitches which made it difficult to tat. Luckily the leprechaun didn't have any such handicap. Here's the flower pin he tatted. Carol's hubby was out of town and brought her home a lovely silver tatting shuttle stamped with C.B.&H. Sterling and Carol is wondering if anyone has any information on the company.

Ellen has tatted Jane's TIAS and named her little lady Rose. Her package finally came in from Handy Hands with lots of wonderful books to keep her busy. Her animal for the round robin is a Merlion tatted with Manuela 20 thread and with 3-cut beads. The lion's head and fish's tail are remarkable. What an ingenious design! Also included with the Merlion was an assortment of critter paperclip bookmarks.

How can you tat several motifs and still not know how to flip your stitch? Ask Ais, she knows. After some diagrams and some helpful videos, Ais know knows how to flip her stitches, make rings and chains and even floating rings. She has finished round three of the Pretty Doily Tat-along. Here is the Queen of Hearts from Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns done in DMC c├ębelia size 20 thread.

Zarina tatted a bookmark from Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns using the Black Magic insertion and it completes her 25 motifs. She has plans for making her own HDT and plans form teaching her 4 year old niece to tat. That's the way, start them young. After the dyeing comes the tatting and here are some bookmarks in her own HDT, complete with beads. The next batch isn't quite the flower colour she was looking for, but it does tat up quite pretty.
Nita has finished the TIAS challenge. Meet Goldilocks, her finished project. The snowflake is another Denise Munoz pattern.

Amie has been tatting but too busy to stop, take pictures and blog. The triangle motif is one that she printed out some time ago but she's not sure where it comes from. She might make a bunch more in red white and green and use them for Christmas decorations or she might join them all into a mat. Amie saw this star on TattingChic's page and tatted the motif from the picture. It's so pretty she may want to turn it into a shawl. The row of motifs tatted up in no time at all and looks like it would make a good design for an arm rest. The edging online is called "Basket Weave Edging". It was great fun to tat and a lady asked Amie to make it for her dining room curtains. This pattern for the motif done in DMC Size 10 - Color 5109 comes from the antique pattern library in the Dillmont Tat book - Figure 22. The Bud Vase doily was another quick pattern to work up in the same thread.
TattingChic's fortune cookie said she would be showered with good luck and right away she won the Cider Antiques Cottage Charm Giveaway which some lovely pieces. Teri Dusenbury's heart called "Sadie" was perfect as a friendship gift. TattingChic's friend Matt wanted her to tat him a big bookmark with red roses and a white background and this is what she came up with tatted in size 20 thread. Here is the tatted collar received from the Giveaway.

Marilee's new HDT is "Summer Trail".
Sherry has "Hydrangea" and "Sue Hansen" HDT in SILK.

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