Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bookmarks, Earrings and Tatting Gifts

Anne finished the doily, but as suspected it came out smaller than the 30-40 cm she wants. To take a break from tatting doilies she tatted my 3D Flake, which Georgia renamed Superbowl Sunday Snowflake and she's wondering how to starch it. I don't know I never starch mine. Sapna was tagged to share 6 unimportant things about herself. She hasn't been doing a lot of tatting as she had visitors, but they've gone now. Just in time because her tatting supplies have arrived. The first article she unwrapped was a beautifully crafted flat shuttle from Grizzly Mountain Arts. It's a different shape from others I've seen. It will be interesting to hear what it's like to work with.Bev is working on her tension and gradually seeing an improvement.

Margaret has completed her round robin and sent off her last package. This pattern is from Monica Hahn's Christmas Angels and Other Tatting Patterns and the thread is Altin Basak size 50. Margaret is steadily improving and the finer thread doesn't intimidate her any more.
Jeff has finished the afghan he was crocheting and took out some time for tatting. The pattern is "English Ivy" from my book Transitions in Tatting worked in Yarnplayer's "Celery" HDT in size 30 and DMC Cebelia size 30 in colour number 699. The "Pearl Tatting Bracelet" designed by Birgit Phelps was made with C-Lon beading cord in two shades of purple and three Swarovski crystal beads. The second bracelet pattern is Interlocking Clovers from Mary Konior's book "Tatting Patterns". Jeff made two pieces of lace, one in Flora 20, colour # 204 (yellow) for the inside of the bracelet, and three strands of DFN metallic silver embroidery floss for the outside of the bracelet. He added some gold silver-lined beads for some added sparkle and joined the yellow and the silver together along the edge as he was working. The metal band was inserted before the last end was completed. Both of these are gifts for his mom.
Aileen decided her shuttle collection made a much more interesting workstation background. She has been using her HDT to make Pam Palmer's crinoline lady and it's looking dreadful. Maybe HDT isn't a good choice for this pattern. To add to the problems she didn't have enough thread to finish it and had to dye another batch. So while she was waiting for it to dry she made another set of picot gauges because her first set were lost. What do you think of the new HDT?
Joy used a little snowflake from Tatted Snowflakes by Vida Sunderman and an edging from Workbasket Magazine to dress up some fingertip towels. They look gorgeous and they'll make great gifts.
Carol L. tatted Jane Eborall's Flat Snowflake Earring for her friend, Rayanna, in her favorite color, purple. Another earring from Jane's site, Flower Earring, are almost like small bell shaped flowers and Carol has beads hanging down from the center of the flower. Then she tatted a pattern by Nina Libin, Beaded Earring and she wants to do a few more and experiment with different colours of threads and beads.
TattingChic received this charming Tatted Maltese Ring Bookmark from Karen in Germany and in exchanged sent her the Vintage Rosegarden Tatted Bookmark that she designed. Mary is tatting a Jan Stawasz Doily in salmon and blue.
Diane tatted Small Rosette from Easy Tatting by Rozella F. Linden in Purple Punch, one of Marilee's new colours of HDT.
Carol has done a miniature of her Gingerbread House.
Clyde is on the final round of his doily.
Mark has posted Chester the Dutch boy from the TIAS project.
Jon has dimpled rings made out of chains.
Marilee shows Purple Punch.
Laura has tatted Diana Steven's set stitch bag.
Sherry's new HDT is Royalty in beautiful purples and blues..
Gina has posted some pictures of an enchanting tatted wedding dress.

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