Friday, December 07, 2007

All Caught Up

I haven't had time to update recently but this should bring things up to date as of midnight last night. It's taken me the whole day to check that last few pages, link all the links and post all the pictures but things are now current and it's a weight off my mind.

Terry received a gorgeous tatted Christmas ball, designed by TanTatts from Jeanette Hasseman .

Meme tatted Iris Niebach's earring pattern from the online class but she only did the one. Then she did another of Iris' patterns in Christmas colours.

Pamela has been infested with parasites. Not to worry though, they're the tatted kind, another of Martha Ess' patterns.

Sylvia finally has all of the challenge pictures from her old blog moved onto Blogger. She received some Valdani thread in an exchange the flower is Valdani 35 and the hexagon is Valdani 12. She liked the thread so much she went out and bought more of it. The yellow piece is Mary Konier's Honesty edging in Valdani Perle Cotton, the motif is Valdani 35 in the colour Mango/Kiwi/Papaya. Is thread supposed to make you hungry? The five sided motif is made with Buttonhole silk and Sylvia doesn't know where the pattern is from. The green Celtic earrings are from Ruth's book.

Wendy is making more ornaments and tutorials for how to make them for her advent calendar.

Anne's Icelandic Fan Shawl is finally blocked. It's just beautiful! Her picture of the sun at noon is a remarkable pillar of light below the horizon. She has folded stars and knitted stars on her hood.

Tami has tatted up one of Terry's bell patterns as a gift.

Connie has crocheted more snowflakes including some in silver. She tatted a doily using Clarks O.N.T 6-chord Size 30 in a variegated blue using a pattern from the Tat along project. I think it looks marvellous. The motif is also from the Tat along project tatted with J.P. Coats Size 20 Best Six Chord Big Ball and black seed beads. Some kind of glitch deemed some recently uploaded photos inappropriate and deleted them! Bummer. The new pictures show you what a winter wonderland is supposed to look like.

Sapna was wondering what to do with the motif she tatted and she decided to add a collar to it and make it a necklace with matching earrings. It looks marvelous.

Iris has designed earring to go with the olive necklace. Aren't they yummy?

Norma is working on her Tast and encrusted embroidery and her son has decided to do a bit of embroidery to create some Christmas presents.

Diane received a gift of some wonderful hats to add to her wardrobe. She tatted an angel over the summer, but she doesn't know who the designer is to credit them. Any ideas? She has another ornament to add to the collection, this one is green. As Christmas is creeping up on her she decided woven bookmarks would go faster than tatting gifts. Maybe she'll add a little tatted motif if she has time.

Bev has tatted a Victorian set snowflake and beaded earrings for Maxine and Kristen from a modified Mary Konior design in DMC size 30 thread. I'm sure the girls will love them.

Kelly has been looking at the new embroidery challenge and spending her vacation time with her Mom watching The Barchester Chronicles.

Kate shares her information on AC adapters. Take it from someone married to an electronics geek, you don't have to use an adapter specifically made for the device as long as the voltage and amps are the right numbers it will work.

Mary is on a roll. Sherry Pence's Angelica butterfly reminded her of Meagan. Mary has just received her new Sunflower shuttle from the shuttle shop. How lovely! She got all her exchange parcels out and then sat down and tatted this pendant design she calls "Victorian Lady". The clip on earrings in icy blue have 9 beads on each ring and a pearl in the centre. Mary shows how she adds the pearl to the middle of the earring. Next up is Monica Hahn's Lacy Snowman, then Prima, another of Sherry's butterfly designs and then Mary's latest design, Butterfly N Hearts lanyard. Her final entry is the modified version of the butterfly from Forty Original Designs in Tatting by Nellie Hall Youngburg.

Margaret has moved to a new blog where you can see all her motives. Including the completed Lacy Snowman from Monica Hahn's book Christmas Angels and Other Tatting Patterns.

Carol is working on candy decorations for the gingerbread house she plans on tatting.

Clyde has tatted a whole collection of both white and coloured snowflake ornaments.

Jon posted her homework from the online tatting class. Mary Maynard's butterfly, Nellie H Youngburg's butterfly made from the pattern re-written by Wally Sosa and a bracelet using the pattern provided by Debbie Strickland

I haven't been posting or updating the challenge page, but I did spend several hours Monday showing Mary Ito from CBC Television's Living in Toronto how to tat. The episode will probably air sometime in January. I'll keep you posted on when it will be available. Their cameraman was sick and by the time they had a replacement they were running late. They were hoping to be here at 1:30 but arrived at 3:00 and it was nearly 6 by the time the equipment was all packed up and out of the house. I almost burst into laughter when Mary introduced me as the "queen" of tatting.

Snowy did her first block tatted motif from a german book in a size 50 thread. I love the colour. From the same book she tatted a snowflake that's not quite white anymore thanks to the dirt from the stove and the kittens.

Marilee has been playing with polymer clay shapes and tatting to get interesting results. She is offering some of these shapes in her Etsy shop for others to try. Hand dyed colours make for different results when you are doing two of a kind like with earrings, but they are beautiful in Brown.

It's still snowing at Laura's place, with tatted snowflakes designed by Denise Munoz. Marilee's Autumn Treasure thread was used to create one of Sherry's Autumn Leaves. They're a perfect match. All of these lovely snowflakes aren't quite enough to fill her Christmas tree so she added her crocheted stockings too. More snowflakes in colour, including hand dyed Rhubarb Crisp. Isaac has a bright red knitted hat with the letter "i" in black. Another snowflake in Rhubarb Crisp.

Charlene is immersed in cross stitching.

Melissa has been doing lots of crazy quilting and silk ribbon embroidery with a bit of tatting for accent. She even has some tatting on her tree.

Sherry has been tatting leaves with hand dyed threads and she's come to the decision that she needs to be with her husband so when he leaves she will too. She has included a tutorial on how she does a Josephine chain. She has been playing with doing some hand dyed threads of her own Mandarin Orange and Red were used for this bright motif. Her next trial is called Jolly Christmas. She made a tatted bolo for her grandfather. The shuttle bag is for the T.A.T. program that she wants completed before she leaves.

Someone was asking for a canoe pattern and Kathy has posted her picture of and Owl and a Pussycat, in a Pea Green boat. Isn't it adorable?

Wally's link for the challenge hasn't had any updates for a while but I've just backtracked a bit onto her blog at multiply and noticed that she has been tatting other things like this doily that isn't working according to pattern so she's had to change the stitch count. Very frustrating. She's also been tatting the butterflies from the online class and she has re-written one of the antique patterns from Nellie Hall Youngburg so that it can be worked in one piece using 2 shuttles. The design left a large open space in the middle so she tweaked it again fill the space. It's pretty either way. Be careful viewing Wally's page if you're on a diet as it's full of yummy cookies.


Tattycat said...

Great job Sharon! I know this is a huge job and that you are relieved it is caught up. Question - are you ever sorry you started this?????
I, for one, am glad that you did!

Sharon said...

No I'm not sorry I started it, but I am occassionally sorry that I don't have the time to update it as often as I'd like. Sometimes I'm sorry that tblogging here doesn't leave me much time for my own blog. All in all though I'm glad I started it.

Tattycat said...

I'm glad that you are not sorry, but do wish you had more time for your own blogging - and for lots of tatting!