Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tatting good enough to eat

Eva took a Christmas tree pattern and added a golden garland. She has received her Christmas exchange package but she hasn't opened it yet.

Elizabeth has been doing this original cross design for years although the beaded version is a more recent adaptation.
Meme tatted this JanStawasz design of a beaded snowflake although she didn't follow his instructions as they seemed too complicated.
Pamela has been having more bug problems. First it was parasites and now it's slugs in the garden. Pattern compliments of Jane Eborall of course.

Eliz has been too busy with school to do much tatting but she hopes to dust off the shuttles over the holidays.

Wendy continues to post daily tutorials on ornaments to make for an advent calendar. She has the stitches out and the prognosis is that the precancerous cells have all been removed. The children in her girl's school are collecting toys for the local Women's and Children's crisis centre. Her girls worked for the money to buy the supplies and Mom crafted hand made bears. Exchange items have also been posted and it looks like a delightful grouping of articles.

Anne's Christmas shawl is growing little by little and the hood is almost done. She's been having fun with some more paper folding projects as well.

Laurie has been using up stash to finish off some pieces that have been in the works for a very long time, but before she had an opportunity to blog about it her new laptop bit the dust. Bummer! Maybe if she can get her computer to co-operate she can post some of the other things she has been working on.

Sapna decided to take the motif she made and turn it into a necklace and earring set.
Even when she's not feeling well Iris creates some awesome designs and the earrings and pendants are simply beautiful. Iris also talks about her visit with Betty Magill when she was in South Carolina.
Norma decided that since she won't be putting up a stocking this year, that she would tat one for her tree. Her crazy quilting and Tast challenge are progressing and she has managed to knit a ripple afghan in purple and pink for her granddaughter who's seven for Christmas.

Diane's little angel has been identified as Lenore English's Tatted Angel. She's made 29 woven bookmarks and only needs to make 9 more. She's been making some of the snowflakes from Vida Sunderman's book Tatted Snowflakes and when she couldn't remember the pattern and didn't have to book handy she jumped into it with both feet and designed one of her own. Now she's using the left over thread on her shuttles to experiment with. Congratulations on joining the ranks of aspiring designers. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Diane whose father passed away December 10th.

Bob created a delicate little doily and shares the pattern with us. The Christmas tree from the Ring of Tatters newsletter was tatted with some sparkly stuff from his wife's sewing box. The final result is pretty but it wasn't fun to work with.

Kelly has been tatting, er not tatting, well she has been tatting a little bit but not enough to have pictures to show. She hasn't yet mastered the fine art of watching television and tatting at the same time. I think that may be one of the reasons I like designing, I don't have to follow an already existing pattern while I'm watching the boob tube.

Kate is marvelling at the advances in computer technology. It is mind boggling

Mary has been tatting a lot of the Christmas tree pattern by Maus. She did it in variegated thread and beads, Then she switched threads and tried it again Then she changed colours again and tatted it with even more beads and a different variegated thread. On the fourth try she switched to a solid Christmas green and a lot of gold beads. They all look gorgeous.

Margaret has tatted another snowman and this time she used Lily's method of hiding ends but she had to use a magnifying glass. Now she's wondering how she's going to handle it when she works with a really fine thread.
Carol's gingerbread house is coming along nicely and she has an assortment of candy decorations done. Candy canes, gum drops, lollipops and candy kisses, yum!

Ruth is back from her vacation and she had a wonderful time, but didn't do any tatting , just some knot making. Then she enjoyed a Christmas concert in which her grandson sang a solo.

Clyde tatted Nancy Tracy's design called Mom's Pink Doily and took a while doing it as he was watching Planet Earth.

Mark displays his laces at a hobby show and sometimes he makes edible lace. He piped royal icing in the shape of a doily to decorate a birthday cake for his grandmother. After all that work I think I'd lift the decoration off and freeze it so that I could use it again. Doesn't it look beautiful.

I haven't been posting much because I've been trying to get the lace done for the newsletter. Check out the tatted ice skates, aren't they a hoot?
Snowy saw this German pattern meant to cover an egg, but she has done it as a snowflake in blue and yellow. It's pretty in any colour. She has tatted some more square motives and joined together they make a lovely little doily. I love it when intersecting corners are as interesting as the centres. Snowy has been such a busy tatter that her display board is overflowing.

Marilee's latest thread colours are Fern and Tigereye. She's working on a new design that might be holly or maybe a holly snowflake? We'll have to keep watching to see what happens.
Laura has been tatting a colourful snowdrift of snowflakes. She used Marilee's Rhubarb Crisp and a yellow DMC as a core thread to make the lovely hand dyed thread go farther. The addition of Pink for the outer round is brilliant as the colours go so well together. Sherry's hand dyed Berries and Cream made a wonderful snowflake. If it were edible is wouldn't last long as it looks scrumptious. Laura found one of her mother's crocheted pieces that has a small bouquet of slightly 3D flowers surrounded by open groundwork wouldn't it look awesome in tatting? Sherry's hand dyed Red Velvet makes a stunning centre for the next snowflake. Rhubarb Crisp for the centre and green Flora for the last two rows on this beauty. How about a Berry's and Cream snowflake? Anyone else getting hungry? Look at how wonderful the white tree looks with all these colourful snowflakes!

Charlene has just celebrated her birthday. Belated Happy Birthday Charlene.

Marty's Christmas tree is full of ornaments that have been given to her and ornaments that she has made including 72 satin ornaments covered in tatting. She started designing ornaments to give away, but she did one as a template and then she had to make a second to give so her tree is full of templates.
Melissa has embellished a CQ purse, embroidered some onesies for babies and some SRE on a shirt. She used the beaded flower paperclip pattern from the Palmettos web site and created a lovely pendant using a variegated Rubi thread. Some fabric with novelty yarns threaded through the ends and initials embroidered on made sweet scarves for some little girls on Melissa's Christmas list. Melissa has also added a Sweetheart Rose tutorial to her web site. The earring pattern from the Tatting Pattern calendar done in size 10 thread made some cute ornaments.
Sherry's December shuttle is out and is very popular. She was rear ended recently and has been having back pain ever since. While waiting for tests she worked on her T.A.T. program. She found using buttons interesting and she's zooming right through. She used her size 20 "Arctic" hand dyed thread to tat the Cluny Love butterfly from her book the Exquisite Collection of Tatted Butterflies, and her "Grapefruit" size 20 to tat Teri Dusenbury's Heart Blossom design. Gorgeous, all of it.


Tattycat said...

This is a great update Sharon. And thank you for saying such sweet things about my snowflakes and tree. I'm sooo happy with them! Without all of you designers and the hand dyed threads, where would I be?

Melissa said...

Sharon! WOW That was a large post and I know a ton of work on your part! I just wanted to say thank you for all you do and all the time and effort you put in!
Merry Christmas!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Yes, I ditto that! I don't think any of us can thank you enough for what you do!


Sharon said...

I enjoy keeping up with all of the wonderful things everyone is doing. Sometimes it gets ahead of me when everyone is tatting lots of treasures, but that's life :-)