Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tatted Buttons, Bears, Eggs and Crosses

Kathy has had problems with her old blog, so she has changed to Blogger. If you are linked to her blog don't forget to update the address. As she has time and opportunity she'll add more. For now she has tatted a motif from the the September 1959 Workbasket using size 30 Cebelia thread. Also shown on her new blog is a picture of some of the things she has received in exchanges.
Sharon has added a tatted cross to her blog but she doesn't like the colour.

EeKoon has been doing lots of stitching but had a scare when she had an attack of Bell's Palsy. Take it easy and get the rest you need EeKoon, you can always do more fibre arts later.

Marilee has been working on some tatted Easter Eggs. They're really pretty.
Charlene tatted a bracelet for her cousin's daughter for Easter. I hope she liked it. Also posted are some pictures of tatted buttons or is that button tatting?

Marty tatted another of Jan Stawasz' designs. This one is a six motif doily done in Gutterman Cotton sewing thread. She's also done one of Iris Niebach's Tatted Doilies, this one is called Nora. She used King Tut quilting thread "Wisteria Lane" and remarks that it seems finer than Coats quilting thread.
Eliz has a great idea for using tatted motives, she scans them and uses them for artwork on her greeting cards. I'd thought of using the tatting itself, but with a colour printer you can use the same picture over and over again. Melissa added some embroidery to a jacket and had it finished in time for Easter.

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