Sunday, April 01, 2007

International Tatting Day

Well I hope everyone got to spend at least some part of April 1 tatting and showing people that it's definitely NOT a dying art!
Eva tatted in honour of International Tatting Day, but all that she worked on was her eyeglass chain and she's not taking a picture of that.

Lynda tatted a crown from Mary Konior's book Visual Tatting and really likes the way it turned out. She's done another from the same book and will post it later. The problem Christmon she has been working on, is still a problem.

Mark shares a one shuttle Easter Egg pattern that we can all do.
Riet is too nervous to tat. Her grandchild is due any day now.

Marilee adds another beginner pattern to her web site. Aren't these cute?

Charlene has tatted a lovely edging in variegated thread to go on another quilt block.

Sylvia has been tatting a little hexagon motif from the Tatting 2000 book. She thinks it's a useful little pattern for emptying shuttles.

Eliz is working away on the Cecelia doily, but no pictures yet.

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