Friday, April 27, 2007

Motives and Butterflies

Gail purchased some ceramic eggs than she wanted to tat covers for. Her first design doesn't want to work as an egg cover, but it's making a pretty little doily.
Sharon posted a motif and thinks that you have to tat several motives just so you can see what the corners will look like.
Laura has framed some of her purple tatting for a friend who loves purple. What a lovely idea. Laura has also done her first block tatting in a bookmark using size 10 thread. The pattern is one of Karey Solomon's.
Charlene has created her own Thread comparison chart. It's so hard to know which threads can be used as a suitable substitute when the manufacturers all use different standards. Check out Charlene's chart and let her know if you have suggestions to add.

Patti has been getting ready for some local festivals and hasn't had time to tat and blog recently.

Sherry has posted a marvelous butterfly she designed using all of the new techniques she learned at the Shuttlebirds Tatting Convention. How delightful to absorb a whole bunch of new tatting ideas and immediately create something wonderful with it.

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