Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bat, Butterfly, Dragon and Meercats

Mark has finished the Half Ring Butterfly and now he's looking for another lunch break project.
Riet's has posted pictures of her new project, her granddaughter Nora.

Carol has been working on some secret projects. One of them is a 3D dragon necklace for Sherry. What an awesome project! Her other creation is a bat mask made for the Lafayette Lacers meeting, where their theme this year was masks. Wonderful work, these are must see pieces so go check out Carol's blog and the link to all the other pictures.

Laura tatted Eliz's egg from the Tatting Pattern Calendar. And another Sunbonnet Sue, this one is done in size 10.
Charlene has been reading up on blocking and she picked up some artists frames which she used for blocking and then she sprayed them with stiffener. One of the projects she did was a bookmark that she created. It all looks good from here.

Pamela has added a gang of meercats to her collection using Jane Eborall's pattern in a variety of threads. After she had done several she asked Jane for permission to create one looking in the opposite direction. Pamela is getting a real menagerie. Eliz decided to change her blog around and doesn't have any eye candy to show, but she has been working on the Cecelia doily.

Melissa show us pictures of her hubby and herself at the military formal they attended. Melissa is wearing the lovely heart she tatted and it looks just perfect with the dress.

Patti has just joined the challenge and although she hasn't posted any new motives yet you can see all other things she has already been working on. One of her recent posts shows a huge number of balls of thread she won on ebay, along with some pieces of crochet a bit of tatting and an attached shuttle.

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