Sunday, August 13, 2017

Motifs, Techniques, Ornaments and Ice Drops

Fox tatted a second Edelweiss pattern, since she missed a join and didn't have the patience to work through it, so she cut it off. Maybe we should stage an intervention and take away her scissors to help her learn to live with her mistakes. Or would that constitute cruel and unusual punishment?

Muskaan was intrigued by Ninetta's Tuft Picots and when she shared an excellent video demo & application, there was no excuse not to try it out. She tried to use them in chains and also compare them with interlocking picots, in size 40 red. She also tried out Mrs Mee’s Picots in the same sample. Here's a Comparative Study of Picots - Interlocking Picots, Mrs Mee Picots and Tuft Picots.

Sue saw a snowflake sitting by some patterns she wanted to try to tat for ornaments so she tatted the second snowflake, joining it to the other and then around the glass ornament and she loves it. Here's is her whole collection of ornaments. She finished her 12 Ice Drops. The 2 on the left are the same pattern different beads, the 2 at the top same pattern different beads, the 2 on the right same pattern different beads, which just goes to show all the variations you can get just but switching out the beads.

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