Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Doilies, Bookmarks, Motifs, Ice Drops, Runner, Booties, Button Motifs, Pendants, Yoke, Snowflakes and Angel

Vera has finished Renulek's doily that she was working on and it looks gorgeous. The finished size is 49 cm across and weighed 44 grams, when done in size 16 Eldorado Puppets thread. I have to admit when I kept seeing the Google translation, I wasn't really sure what that meant, but as you can see from the picture, the thread is really called Eldorado Puppets!

Melanie created this bookmark based on the last movement of Beethoven's Symphony no. 9.  If you orient the bookmark horizontally with the joy bead to the left, you’ll be able to “read” the tune.

Sue got an email from a wool manufacturer teaching some bloggers tatting at the weekend and wondered if it was feasible to tat with Double Knitting cotton. It is!

Diane was busy helping out at her daughter's place where several trees have fallen victim to the ash borer, but she still managed an Ice Drop. She joined Alenalea Rako's mystery tat-along on Facebook, where a new segment is posted each Wednesday. Is there a missing ring and chain here? She's also working on her SIL's runner, which is about one quarter done. Then of course there is another red white and blue Ice Drop. There was a missing repeat, but it was remedied by re-doing the whole thing. An look, another red, white, and blue Ice Drop! She tatted a Blooming' Ice Drop in Cubs colours since her daughter was at a Cub's game. This is a Daiso tatting shuttle that she ordered together with the thread because she wanted to see what the Japanese thread is like. (It's softer than what she's used to and although it's labelled 20 it's more like 10.) This Ice Drop is in the #20 thread from Japan that seems more like a size 10 to her and the bead inside is a little loose, but it was the largest one she had. The pattern is Tudor Rose Ice Drop. She tried again with size 20 Lizbeth, and she likes the way it turned out much better. The pattern for it is on her blog. After round 2, the piece should look similar to this.

Eliz was spiffing up a cloth doll and wanted tatted socks/shoes, but the feet are an odd shape. She created based on the Ann Valeire dsign working in Lizbeth size 20 and trimming them with in 2 strands of embroidery floss.

Fox finished the Mary Konior mat which is 7" and feels very solid and dense, though it is tatted in #40. She has been tatting a button motif bonanza, and although her thread choice is limited she has a wealth of beads due to the generosity of Miranda. She also did a small motif designed by Renulek. The turquoise beads are making her think of Santa Fe.

Marie has been working out the stitch count on this 3D design. She added beads to the final rendition. While designing a Spirograph pattern, she saw this in part of the design "Crosses Within A Cross" pendant. A little embellishment tatting around a pin/pendant setting with this turquoise cab which she plans to keep.

Martha tatted "Yoke Circle 8" which is the centre of the wide section on the yoke and she's hoping it's the back, although the instructions say it's the front, so she's hoping it can be worn either way. Yoke section 9 is a really long piece which is very pretty and dainty and would make a good edging or insertion. The diagram shows only the ends, and if you make this, remember, next to the end trefoils, the longer chains need to be on the outer side of the curve on both ends.

Muskaan had trouble with the quatrefoil hexagon which ruffled. So she tweaked it to get it right and had some help from test tatters, like Robin Perfetti who also played around with it. Muskaan found the hexagon that wanted to be a square. She likes the pattern it creates and a fabric of these squares would definitely be much more interesting in 2 colours. She did another hexagon without picot space between split rings. She had some more excitement tracing out a continuous path along the hexagons to create as large a fabric as one desires --- a Magic Hexagon. Also know by the more common name of one pass tatting. Here's how far she got in the magic square prototype. Luster snowflake by Mark Myer is an excellent study in tatting continuously without cutting the thread, using techniques such as split rings (SR) and self closing mock rings (SCMR) to climb out. With Mark Myer’s kind permission she shares the path/sequence of elements in the snowflake, through the use of 2 different colours, in the hope that others facing similar situations may also find some resolution.

Phyllis shows her version of the Mystery Doily Test Tat Along being held by Alenalea Tatting.

HisKid added one more to her Christmas Ice Drop ornament collection. She needs to tat more crosses for her Sunday night seniors and she started with Elaine P. Gan's Liberty Cross done in size 40 Lizbeth Vineyard Harvest. This is Elaine P. Gan's New Cross tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Wildflower Garden. Mercy Cross is very small in size 40 Lizbeth Autumn Apple Pie, but since it's for a man it will be OK since the gent's don't usually do anything with them. Elaine has her angel pattern up to share.

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