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Motifs, Doilies, Butterflies, Edging, Necklaces, Bag, Ice Drops, Pendants, Crosses, Heart, Earrings and Button Motifs

Note: It's taken days to get through this belated posting, so if something's missing, it may be because it got added after I visited your blog. I'll catch it on the next update.
Usha's Indian group has been working through themes like Single, double shuttle, shuttle and ball motifs and all manner of variations, which she has posted on her blog. Be sure to pop by and take a look at the amazing things they have been doing. These are some of Usha's creations making use of all possible techniques known to her, like Dot Picots, Dots, Half Closed Rings, Rings in gradation, and inverted picots.

Vera has finished the 12th round of her doily and it's looking gorgeous. It's also 44 cm across or about 17.5 inches.

Surya worked on a butterfly applique pattern from a vintage Priscilla tatting book with some interesting techniques but it has a lot of cut and ties, which she's recreating as a diagram. It's very floppy and has over 2 dozen thread ends which she hid by pulling them all to the back of the fabric. (This was an older post that I missed due to having an incorrect blog address.)

Mistene is on round 2 of Renulek's Snow Doily which she is tatting in Yarnplayer's "Stardate" HDT in size 20 and it looks like neon with the black background.

Elsa's friend was looking for something for her sister and Elsa came upon Mary Konior's Wallflower edging which she tatted in nylon raspberry thread which is labelled 60 but is larger than polyester size 30. She thought of adding pearls, but it looks good just the way it is, so she left them off. It's a simple design that works well as a necklace. She is working on making a tatted bag and she chose to start with the central band, which is a flowery border by Nellie Ellison initially worked in Tenax 40 polyester border, but she started all over again to use Kaplan yarn in soft, silky colours.

Cindy continues to enjoy making Diane's Ice Drops and she loves matching thread to gems to beads, which sometimes turn out even better than she expected. She has had some specific requests and she's sold a few which helps to defray the cost of her addiction. She also decided to try out the lucky penny stitch count Diane suggested and she loves it. She started thinking about using pennies for significant year's events, specifically for 2017 graduations and she decided to add a little tassel and use school colours.

Diane was informed that she needed more Ice Drops, so she tatted, making 3 more with gems and ribbons selected by Sophie.  She was out of town for her granddaughter's 6th grade recognition and got stuck in a traffic tie up both coming and going, 10 hours each way, so of course she tatted a lot of Ice Drops using more Rainbow Splash. Sophie got to put them on the tree. Grandma forgot to let her choose the ribbon for the last one, but luckily Sophie approved of the blue. Sophie chose the green ribbon for this one and Diane noticed that some of the opaque glass gems are losing some of their paint from knocking against each other. Another Sophie approved combination. One more Ice Drop for the collection.

Fox finished Zebra by Renulek in #40 Lizbeth and it's 14 inches across. Lovely. She was sent some size 20 thread by kind tatters when she wanted to reacquaint herself with thicker thread and this was the result. Mary Konior motifs in size 20 Lizbeth. Dot picots described on Muskaan's blog using a pattern on Georgia's site again in #20 Lizbeth. Some #40 Lizbeth left from the winter projects tatting a small, only about 2", Karey Solomon pattern, front and back, which was fun to tat and let her concentrate on the project and be a perfectionist.

Laurette is on round 13 of her never ending Jan Stawasz doily and since his diagrams are a bit hard for her to read, with each round she rewrites it in her own notation along with when she finishes each round, how long a repeat takes and how long the round takes. That's why she knows it's been put aside for 9 months.

Marie has Spirograph design #3 prototype, trying to get the stitch count down. She adjusted the stitch count and retried the 18 Celtic chains but she doesn't think she quite accomplished it. She loves Spirograph #4 design and she has notebook filled with these designs, but hasn't attempted to tat them yet. Sunset was a little, easy, embellishment tatting to soothe the fried brain.   A couple of crosses from an old Workbasket book. She wanted to try the Mothers' Day Brooch with pearls and this one she'll keep.

Martha enjoyed working on this project, but at the same time she's so tired of it she couldn't wait to be done. In size 80 thread it's about 10 1/2 inches, or around 14 inches or more in size 40. Now to get this written into modern notation, which was the point to begin with. Pictured again on a darker background.

Muskaan tried out 3 heart patterns by Nicola Bowersox. She broke out the needles for the Kiss Curl heart. She started the "Blue Heart" in purple and used some beads she wanted to try out, but the beads were larger than the pattern called for and even when she added a stitch to the chain it ruffled so she abandoned it. She started it again in blue and measured the picots for the beads rather than dangle beads and paperclips. Kiss Curl Heart is the perfect start to needle tatting since it is 95% chains and she started with Lizbeth size 40, deliberately tatting tighter to resemble shuttle tatting, but look what it did to the needle! The pink heart was done with the shuttle, but the other two were needle tatted. New Heart is another pretty pattern and she used 2 strands of pink embroidery thread, and 1 strand of gold. She test tatted the enchanting square by Usha Shah and in making it could see how it could easily be turned into a cross. So she did it again making the last arm longer. Her single shuttle motif design had a mind of it's own and turned into a heart. She can see the head of an elephant in it as well. She has added a tatting over tails tutorial to her blog.

Sue made these Ice Drop designs into earrings using size 40 Confetti HDT and  flat coin type beads from JoAnn's. This orange pair in size 40 Lizbeth Orange Crush was tatted first but she still has to finish them. A friend wondered if the Ice Drops could be made into earrings, but the usual gems were too heavy, so she went in search of something suitable and found these beads at JoAnn's. The earrings are pictured front and back.

Wanda has been tatting around buttons for quick, fun little gifts. Add a pin on the back or sew onto a ribbon and it's done. Her badge reel at work is decorated with tatting on a filigree finding. She tatted one for a co-worker on a button to add to her badge reel and it was a great success, although the glue used to attach it added sparkle but darkened the thread.

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