Saturday, April 08, 2017

Bracelet, Earrings, Ice Drops, Doilies, Brooch, Teapot, Bookmarks, Fish, Garland and Snowflake

Elsa shared this updated version of a vintage Nellie Ellison pattern with her French group to show how old designs can be used to make modern projects like bracelets and earrings. She started by making a bracelet in cotton, then a second in polyester beaded thread. Of course every bracelet needs matching earrings, so she made them too. All the designs for this set named Flamenca,  with instructions are included on her blog.

Melanie shares a sneak peek at an Ice Drop design she is working on.

Cindy was in a panic when she couldn't find the Renulek Spring 2015 large doily she was working on, but thankfully it turned up and now she needs to finish it off.

Diane is still working from her ball of size 20 Lizbeth #689, Mint Lt and loving it. She cracked some more glass gems and she loves how they refract the light. She's been busy subbing and needed some tatting time to replenish her stock of Ice Drops. Luckily her basic pattern doesn't take long to finish. At the last Tollway Tatters meeting she had a chance to look over some of Marilee Rockley's HDT and chose this thread. The red gem really makes the colours pop. and she thinks it might be her new favourite. This is her Blue Fudge pattern in Marilee's HDT with a crackled glass gem.

Fox has found that the floating ring on Row 9 is better tatted with a Catherine wheel join and the ring is better constructed if you add a half ds and post the shuttle, thus preventing the ring from turning in on itself upon closing. This row needs lots of close attention or it ends with lots of retro tatting and cut off bits.

Marie shows us Mom's Christmas Brooch, Diamond, version II which she gave to her Mom for Christmas. More tatted teapots turned into bookmarks. Doodling in thread, just emptying a shuttle resulted in a fish.

Muskaan turned a simple ring pattern into a field of yellow to resemble the fields of mustard blossoms seen in spring. As usual she has included delightfully detailed instructions for this garland on her blog.

Sue tatted Robin Perfetti's design, the Design Tutorial Snowflake in size 40 Lizbeth Snow White which she was planning to use for another ornament, but the centre is a little snug, so she'll leave it as a snowflake.

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