Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hearts, Motifs, Leaves, Doilies, Earrings, Snowflakes, Bracelet, TIAS, Cupcakes, Snowdrops and Edging

Claire joined the challenge in 2014 but got side tracked. She continued in 2015 and finished her second set of 25 in 2016. Here is the recap of her most recent 25 motifs. Check back on her blog for the details on the various patterns.

Elsa was prompted by a discussion on Facebook to think about Christmas gifts and she was reminded of this bracelet she did in polyester Tenax red thread, white quartz beads and seed beads 15/0 gold plated. This time, she wanted to work on metallic thread Madeira FS10 bought the lilac shop with some drop beads added in for a little more interest.

Melanie is working on another square set but she's complicating it by using size 80 thread in 4 different colours AND beads.

Grace did a lot of tatting over the summer. The Motif on the lefts was one made by her grandmother and the one on the right she tatted from the Blomqvist/Persson book. She made this Jan Stawasz doily with size 10 ecru Lizbeth and size 10 Artiste in Water Lily. This Linda Davies doily really pops in two colours of Lizbeth thread size 40. She has also done some work on her Stawasz Masterpiece/Monster doily from the Robotki magazine. These are Nancy Tracy's Cupcake II pattern from the be-stitched blog all in size 40 Lizbeth.

Diane didn't have much tatting time but she did finish a few more Snowdrops. Each time she works on one she thinks of other ways to embellish them. She tatted a couple more and shifted from pearls to seed beads. Another day with tatting time taken up with cutting down a tree, but she did manage another snowdrop. Yet another couple of snowdrops and a finished Cubs Spinning Wheel doily.

Fox has been distressed by the ruffling on this doily, but finally on this row it's looking like it will finally straighten out.

Margaret has been nominated for an award on Craftree for her bracelet called Sound Waves and she invites people to vote for her.

Marie tatted Ruth More's Butterfly Cross, which she says is another fun one to make. She made another bridal hanky. Her Mom liked the last one and she gave it to her. She got distracted in the middle of Jane's TIAS bunny and it got put away in a safe place, but she finally found it and finished it. She embellished tatting around an old heart.

Muskaan is thrilled to be nominated as a designer on Craftree and she love it if people voted for her.

Phyllis picked up Marilee Rockley's newest book and the beige piece on the right is the Beatrice necklace. The Barrett and the other pinky motif are from Tat Days 2016.  Aldebaran Dragonseed Star by Karey Solomon and the 3-D Barrette is by Sherry Pence, both done in her own hand dyed Lizbeth. The orange/gold is the Lucky Penny pattern by Carolyn Craig from the Facebook Tatting Groups. She has 19 made, with a goal to make approximately 130 for a secret project. Each one is made with a different colour of thread.

Sue has been working on her doily, although at this size a lot of tatting doesn't seem like much progress.

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