Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hearts, Necklace, Snowflakes, Doilies, Earrings, Crosses, Shamrock, Motifs, Pendant, Spider, Flowers and Bracelet

Batty Tatter finished off Heart's Desire by Susan Fuller while at the Farmer's Market and has plans to tat more.

Elsa has made a beaded necklace based on an vintage pattern, adding beads on the chains and substituting seed bead, large bead, seed bead for a ring, which makes a lovely, clever design. Best of all, she has included the pattern and instructions on her blog.

Grace hasn't posted for ages and she's making up for it all at once. This pretty pink snowflake is from Jennifer Williams' book using Edda Guastalla's Master thread size 30 colour Rosso with Glass czech beads. Unfolding Heart by Marilee Rockley, is done in size 20 Lizbeth dark purple and purple Twirlz but she didn't like how the first one turned out. The second try was much better and used on a wedding card. Doily #13 from was worked in DMC perle cotton size 8 for a finished size of about 6 inches. The design, AnnaMarie, by Alenalea Rako, the white one in size 20 Lizbeth and the pink is vintage size 70. The earrings are from Edda Guastalla's pattern Poyel angel using viola Master thread from her website, contrast dark purple size 20 Lizbeth, gold plated earwires and crystal beads. The cross is from Rita Weiss Traditional Tatting Patterns, thread is size 70 Coats and Clarks vintage, gifted to her. Shamrocks from Marilee Rockley's free pattern on her website, done in Marilee's HDT size 40 Celery with Delica beads. Mauve earrings based on a design by Edda Guastalla, Minuetto, done in Cyclamen thread from Italy and Lizbeth 636 with Crystal beads and glass pearl. She tried out the double square from Edda's blog, worked with rame and bronze Range thread from Edda's store and at 3.5 inches long it's a bit large for earrings. This bookmark was gifted to her sister for her birthday along with earrings based on the short arms. Earrings before ear wires attached, 2 pairs of leaves in Marilee Rockley/yarnplayer hand dyed thread, Delica beads, adapted from a cross pattern by Elaine P Gan. The TotusMel pendant from the center of her Gothic Doily done in size 60 Sunlight thread from Edda's shop was adapted for a pendant.

Diane finished her Spinning Wheel Glass Mat in Coats & Clark's tatting-crochet thread, size 70, color #171 and it's about 3 1/2" across. With the thread left on the shuttle she tatted Renulek's Snowflake Rosie. Her next Spinning Wheel is started in size 80 Lizbeth, Pink Cocoa #166, which she tried not to use too often as it gives her a craving for chocolate and strawberries.

Eliz created this tatted spider for her grandson using Size 20, black Flora and yellow/while/gold variegated Manuela. The Butterfly on a paper clip by Ellen Lai and the Pansy by Lisa C. Trumble were tatted with some HDT that seems to bleed. Any suggestions for making it colourfast?

Fox couldn't face using the blue from her original thread choices so she's using red with 2 shades of ecru, although the colour variations may not be apparent on screen.

Marie tatted Camilla, which is another of her favourite cross designs.

Sue has wanted to tat Corina Meyfeldt's bracelet for a while and finally made it in size 20 Lizbeth Sky Blue Dk, with these fabulous beads she found at Hobby Lobby from inBloom by Bead Design, and Czech Glass Beads 11/0 seed beads Crystal. She originally tried it with seed beads around the outside of the focal bead, but it seemed to distort the tatting. She's thinking she may do it again in size 40 thread.

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