Saturday, February 20, 2016

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Sarah tatted a collection of hearts and displayed them in the form of a large heart. The blog post includes a list of the links to the hearts available online.

Batty Tatter tatted the Regal Dragon from the book Flights of Fantasy by Martha Ess, which she plans to create a watercolour background to match. Dragon fearless knight, and fair maiden posed in the field before the castle. Her friend wants the picture for her granddaughter's bedroom so the picture now includes a sword in the hand of the princess and some little tatted flowers.

Elsa created this bracelet with Celtic tatting, ribbon and beads using  The Easiest Celtic Edging Ever, by Rozella Linden, from Celtic Tatting A Design Journey on an Ancient Theme and the lower edging is Border 67 by Elisson Nellie. Her husband wanted a bookmark for his birthday, and decided he liked the look of the Andromeda doily by Pascale Provost which she worked in DMC 80 in natural colours.

Melanie finished Julehjerter by Anne Bruvold. Three little hearts make a cute shallow basket and she thinks a chocolate kiss would fit nicely into this one done in size 30 thread.

Grace tatted Christmas presents for her sister and her daughter, the rose is tatted in Master 30 colour rossa, silver glass beads, silver bail on a ribbon necklace.  The earrings are from Edda Guastalla's Poyel pattern in Range Multicolor thread and aqua Altin Balsak polyester, with gold plated wires and crystal beads. This is the Poyel angel from the same pattern as the aqua earrings done in Master thread in turchese.  Two versions of the Flowery Crinoline Angel, designed by Erin Hollway Moseley, on the left size 20 Lizbeth thread on the right, Master thread in rosso, with a modified skirt including an extra row of the crinoline and no roses. Pendant design by Ewa M, Sunlight size 60 rame/black, crystal drop and satin ribbon necklace.

Cindy was working on this edging at the Twin Cities Tatters group meeting and she got distracted and ended up going the wrong way. Tatting and talking requires mindless tatting projects with memorized patterns. A photography project required a faceless portrait and taking a picture of this doily will have the added incentive of inspiring her to work on it.

Claire's 2016 resolution is to tat some patterns from her books and she started with Keyed up earrings by Marilee Rockley, from her book Tatted Jewelry worked in Lizbeth size 20, colour Charcoal Med #607.

Diane is half way around her Primrose Path doily. Another Spinning Wheel has been started, this one in size 20 Lizbeth Twirlz, Midnight Mist #407. The Primrose Path doily is almost there. She wanted to finish her  Primrose Path doily in time for Presidents' Day, and she made it. The Midnight Mist Spinning Wheel glass mat is done bringing her total to 11 for 2016. The next Spinning Wheel glass mat is in size 10 Lizbeth, Arctic Waters #185. She usually likes white hankies but this one is on sale and she has auditioned several edgings before settling on a row of simple ring and chain for the first row. The Arctic Waters Spinning Wheel is done and she's contemplating her next colour. When in doubt, white always works and she had some left over from her Masterpiece doily.

Fox tatted Susan K. Fuller's Heart's Desire in the last of Lea's thread, a size 50 and she's so pleased that she did it without any coloured markers or sticky notes.

Lilas continues to work on the side chains of the famous necklace. She's starting to think about all of the little flowers she has to put on the chains and she has several trials worked out. The shirt front of the Moulin Rouge necklace is now done and she's pleased with the results.

Margaret used Lizbeth thread no 20 in red for the Tat Chat Heart  by LaRae Mikulecky but in the photo it came out pink. She finally finished her January Pinterest challenge to tat this butterfly and she couldn't say goodbye to it fast enough although she did modify it by adding rings at the top of the wings so it can be hung on a chain. Some patterns just aren't worth the aggravation. She has worked the next row of the doily she is doing for her Fibromalgia course in Light Leaf Green no 683 size 20 Lizbeth thread and started the next row in Cranberry Bush.

Marie tatted a little doily, called "Bruce's Doily," by Be-Stitched, which demanded attention. This, adorable tea light holder was from Paradise Treasures, called "Beaded Tea Candle Holder."

Muskaan tatted some of the most elegant heart patterns she has come across including Heart's Desire by Susan K Fuller, Hearts of Hope by Anne Bruvold, Sweet Heart Valentine by Pop Maria, and Kiss Curl Heart by Nicola Bowersox. She has discovered that sometimes gaps in tatting can have a beneficial effect.

HisKid tatted Ninetta's Quad #5 in size 20 Sugar Plum HDT from Tat-ilicious and Lizbeth Lilac Med. Ninetta's Quad #3 is also done in Sugar Plum HDT and Lizbeth Lilac Med. The Flowering Quatrain Bookmark from Joelle is tatted in size 40 Sunrise HDT from AlenAleaDesign. She's still test tatting along on this cross. Next, is the surprise doily which will be a Christmas present for her in-laws. She also has some star flowers turned into earrings. She has included the pattern for her bugle bead bracelet on her blog. Her stealth doily is still growing and how charming is it, that she has to hide it from her husband so that he doesn't claim it before she can gift it to her in-laws?

Wanda used Burgundy thread Lizbeth #672 size 20 for her TIAS bunny and the colour was a little dark to see what she was doing, but it still came out pretty cute with the teeth and carrot! The Tatted Heart adapted by Barbara Foster from design by J.M. Blackman was a quick gift mounted on burlap ribbon wrapped around a spice jar to hold some artificial flowers for her aunt who ended up in the hospital. Joy's Heart Cross Bookmark she created in Lizbeth #147 Red Burst size 20 was intended to be framed as a Valentine's gift for her mother.

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