Saturday, January 16, 2016

Snowflakes, Doilies, TIAS, Tree, Bracelet, Motifs and Necklace

Sarah tatted the "Large Crystal Snowflake" from Vida Sunderman's book Tatted Snowflakes, although she added picots in the centre instead of hanging a crystal there and her over all larger picots gives a fuller lacier effect.

Claire B has plans for each item in her 25 motifs to present a personal challenge and this one, Renulek's Spring 2015 doily, too her 344 hours to complete and is tatted in Lizbeth size 40 Snow White and Blue River Glades.

Batty Tatter thinks Jane's Tat It and See is a kitty cat's head. At the suggestion of some folks she added a forest of tatted trees to her water colour picture. She has made progress on her Jan Stawasz doily and only has 2 more rows to go.

Melanie was working on Jane's TIAS and things seemed to be going well, until she noticed she had miscounted. Now the question is to proceed, or start over again.

Mary Lena has created a new bracelet using polyester thread, blue beads and Czech Preciosa silver. There's a basic band and then a lovely flower is added, but she hasn't decided on a closure yet.

Sue decided on day 2 of TIAS that it wasn't and umbrella, it was an umbrella stand. Of course the next day she thought it was the undercarriage of a bubble car. She's drawn in the top of the car just to show you.

Lelia has been tatting Jane's TIAS in size 20 Lizbeth pink #621 and green #683. Several days into the challenge and she still has no idea what it might be.

Claire made a large rose in DMC size 8, colour 498 similar to the small rose earrings she made earlier.

Diane finished the Mary Konior Spinning Wheel Glass Mat in size 20 Lizbeth, # 657, Ocean Turquoise Dk. So, of course, she had to start another one in size 20 Lizbeth #706, Sunkist Coral. She's loving the colour of this one which she's already got 2/3 completed. Here it is done already which is making her think that she could tat one a week and have 52 done by the end of the year. Peacock Blues #149 is one of her favorite Lizbeth thread colours, so that's what she using for the next mat. She finished this one off and used it to show her 4th grade library class how to switch from rings to chains, joining, finish off, and hiding the ends.

Fox is on the third row and wondering if she'll have enough thread to complete it or if she'll have to doe some creative colour work. There's another row done and she saw one errant picot in this last row and she's going to leave it rather than cut the row off.

Julie has day one of TIAS done. On Day 3, what is it? Day 4's progress.

Lilas has a new challenge based on a Cartier necklace. She has plans to re-create it in tatting and cut out some approximate size shapes that were pinned up to give her an idea of what would be required. Since she's not using diamonds tatting around cabochons gave a focal point for the medallions. They were too sober and needed a little splash of sparkle so she added some beads when she tatted around them.

Marie thinks Jane's TIAS is an inch worm with an umbrella. A snowflake pattern found on Pinterest was tatted with three strands of sewing thread. Another pattern found on Pinterest, that doesn't seem to have a recorded author. Maybe 2016 TIAS is a little girl. Another pattern found on Pinterest was done in a green silvery thread. The green/white sewing thread looks better in person, but here it looks washed out. Blue/white rayon thread and a silver metallic thread were used for this motif.

HisKid made these starflowers using up the thread on her shuttles. She only has a quarter of this round to go on the snowman. She started the Hostess Set Centerpiece doily in size 10 Lizbeth Turquoise Twist. She plurged with her Christmas money and bought this awesome gorgeous necklace from Yarnplayer. Here is her progress on the belly of the snowman. She finished the third round of her doily. And the fourth round.

Wanda designed another edging which she named Marlis Edging tatted in Lizbeth #698 Fudge Med and #603 Ecru size 10.

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